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There are a number of networks and services that require you to register or sign up with them to be able to use their services. Find out how you can search for people on Facebook from outside the network.

Lets us look at a few ways of how to find someone on Facebook without signing up. One of the main purposes that Facebook serves is that people should be able to look for and find each other. As such it offers a number of ways in which this can be done. The simplest way would be to try and search from the HOME page of the network. Most of the social sites do allow people to be searched from outside the network and only require you to register or sign up if you want to communicate with these people.

An alternative way of how to find someone on Facebook without signing up is to Google them. The Google search now returns results from some of the social networks including Facebook. So you can enter the person’s name enclosed inside parentheses and search. If the person is a Facebook member it will say in the list of results. There will also be a link on how you can sign up and get in touch with that person.

There are also some people search services that

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