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Finding a good logo company is not the easiest task in the world, but it's also not the hardest. The problem lies in the number of logo companies out there, there are over a thousand websites offering the same service all across the internet.

Most likely you will find hundreds of logo design websites with similar services, standards and quality but with huge price disconnections. The best way to find the right company for you is to research companies with different features.

Some websites will ask you to pay 300 dollars and will offer you unlimited logo revisions, they will work on your logo until you say you like it. Some other websites will only offer you a single logo revision or maybe not even one. It all depends.

You are probably thinking "Of course I would like to get unlimited revisions, I want designers to work on my logo until I'm 100% satisfied with it", but you should consider that 80% of people who buy logos do not even need a logo revision, 18% need from 1 to 3 revisions, and only 2% of buyers need more than 3 revisions.

When you pay 300 dollars for a logo, the fees from the revisions are hidden inside the price, which basically means that you are paying for about 15 reviews that you will not even use!

That's why sometimes those little websites selling logo designs at extremely low prices are the ones that are true to the customer, they do not hide the fees from you. If you need a revision, they will probably ask you to pay an extra fee for it, but at least you will be paying a fair price.

Remember, buying a logo design from a website just because it's the first result that Google showed is not the smartest thing to do. Research, visit publications and pick the one with the best price.

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