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If you are like me, Facebook is an integral part of your social marketing system. It is extremely important to be able to properly link your Facebook business page (s) to your "Employer" field in your Facebook personal profile page The last time I updated my personal Facebook page, I noticed that when you list an "Employer" under the "Work and Education" field, it often will not be correctly matched up with corresponding Facebook business page. Often Facebook even creates a new community page under that business name that you have no access to. This is especially annoying if you are the owner of the Facebook business page and you have taken the time to create it and now can not link your personal profile to the correct page.

If you have also experienced this issue, I have found a fix that has worked perfectly for me every time … and best of all, you can use this to customize any of your "Employer" links.

Using Firefox, download and install the Web Developer add-on if you do not have it already. You can easily find it by doing a Google search for "Web Developer Add-on" or get it here. Once you install the add-on and restart your browser, follow these simple steps …

1. Go to your Facebook Business page. The URL should have a unique string of numbers at the very end that identifies the page, after the last forward slash ("/"). Copy that number.

2. Go to your Personal Profile page, select "Edit Profile", select "Education and Work" and click "Add Another Job" just as if you were to add an employer normally.

3. There should now be a new toolbar visible in Firefox thanks to the Web Developer add-on. In that toolbar, click "Forms" and then "Display Form Details". You're going to see a lot of strange looking code appear on the page. Do not worry, we will make it all go away shortly. This is a function of the add-on and will allow us to access and change the info we need.

4. Next to the entry where you would ordinarily type in the name of your business, you'll see the following code: input name = "work [employer] [id] [2]" Next to that code is an empty gray box . Paste the unique page ID that you copied from your Facebook business page into that gray box.

5. Fill in the rest of the Employer form as normal (location, description, dates employed, etc.) Click "Save Changes".

6. You can now deselect "Display Form Details" in the Web Developer toolbar. At this point, your business page should be correctly linked to your employer.

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