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If your not using Facebook in your arsenal to generate leads for your network marketing business then your missing out on a lot of money. With Facebook there is no way you cannot generate leads for your business if you know how to do it right. I teach people to focus on their target market which in our case would be other network marketers. I know what your thinking. Yes other network marketers should be your target market when you building your business online. This will make your life a lot easier because they know network marketing works and will not have objections and their already trained! Think of it as your a recruiter for a football team. You wouldn’t recruit baseball players would you?

The same concept applies here believe me this is how to to build your network marketing business online. Now how does this apply to Facebook your probably wondering? Well most amateur network marketers will vomit on their page about their opportunity and spam. If you want to sponsor network marketers you have to set yourself from the rest of the network marketers online. How do you do that? It’s pretty easy offer value instead of offering a business opportunity. Majority of network marketers are struggling and looking for guidance. You can be the leader they are looking for. This is why you need to become an effective network marketer and become a leader. Leaders offer value and solutions not another business opportunity. Share with your list of friends something that has helped you in your business. I for example will share my articles on my Facebook page or videos on how to generate leads or something that entails helping them with their business. You will have a much more positive response then if you were to post a link to your company website for your network marketing company. Now I want to go into how to generate leads for your business on Facebook.

Building Your List

Building your list can be very exciting. Connecting with new people on Facebook is something I enjoy. So where do you go to find your target market? That’s pretty easy, there are tons of network marketing groups on Facebook. Join company groups and places where network marketers are. Then connect with them and send them a friend request. You will get more of an acceptance rate when you take the time to view their page to get to know them and add a personal note in the request. Or you could send them an email after you requested their friendship to introduce yourself and how you would love to help them. People really respond to people who are genuine and really want to help them. DO NOT spam them with your company this will get you nowhere. I can say this because I’ve done it and it really doesn’t work. If you do approach with your company or product make sure it’s in response to a posting specifying something they need help with. I have done this before and it worked great. We carry a particular product and one of my friends was using a product that wasn’t good for her health so I pointed it out and she liked what I had to offer. So use common sense and approach with a solution like I did. Never miss an opportunity! Keep your eyes open!

I also forgot to limit your requests to about 10 per day because Facebook frowns on this, and also stay away from software that adds friends. This can get you shut down on Facebook fast! But when you become a know face on Facebook you will get bombarded with requests from other people so it makes building your list easier.

Generating Leads

There are tons of different ways to generate leads on Facebook. I have generated leads with several different methods. I will post articles or information onto my page and group page walls. Of course with my articles and postings I have a link to my lead generating system. It leads with value in exchange for their information. You definitely need to tie into a lead generating system with a capture page that can capture information in return for an offer. Always lead with value and a product or service designed to help network marketers with their business. For example in exchange for my leads information I give them an hour of Facebook marketing training. Then I can add them to my list and build a relationship through my email responder tied into the system. Another way to generate leads is to send a message directly in response to a problem. I had a gentleman that posted a comment saying he needed help with branding. We offer that so it was a no brainer for me to send him info on it and he was appreciative! Again keep your eyes open to opportunities!

Create a group of fan page for your friends and people interested in learning what you have to offer. This is a great way to display your talent. Use this as your hub on Facebook and a way to share your value with your fans and group members. Here you can give offers away in exchange for their contact information.

Facebook PPC is another great tool to generate leads on Facebook. I myself do not use this method but I work with people who do. I am more into writing articles and sharing them on my Facebook page and connecting with people directly. This method is very cost effective because just like Google PPC it finds keywords or in this case likes that people have. If people say they like network marketing and that is one of your keywords for your ad and it show them your ad whenever their on Facebook. This is really cheap compared to Google and actually more effective in my opinion. But of course your ads need to offer something of value to your target market. Most of the ads give away free reports in exchange for a like on their page or their contact info.

Before you dive into Facebook marketing I highly suggest getting some training from experts first they will give you the do’s and don’t of Facebook. Also check out my other article on setting up an effective Facebook profile!

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