How To Get Backlinks

How To Get Backlinks

One of my favorite ways to get traffic to my sites is through search engine optimization (SEO). Look at it this way: I've already put the work into writing the content, why should not I get that great Google search engine traffic-for free!

The only problem with this scenario is getting my pages to rank high enough in the search results to be found by a significant number of seekers. "High enough" translates into getting into the top 10-because most people's browsers are set only to display the top 10 results on the first page of their search results.

One way I get my pages to rank high is to social bookmark them as soon as they're published. That really gives them a ranking boost.

The other way I get my pages ranked is to create links coming from other websites pointing to the page in question. These inbound links are called backlinks, and getting them can either be a pain in the neck or a brief chore, depending of how I go about it.

The hard way to get backlinks is to convince another webmaster to link to your site. Now, this is not "hard" like rocket science is supposedly to be hard. It's just time consuming. You have to find sites you would like linked to yours, contact the webmaster, and give them a compelling reason to link to you. Often you have to link back to them, which might be appropriate to your website or not.

The other way-much easier-is to write articles that point to your pages.

You can get traffic from these articles in two ways. One, through the higher ranking of the page you're trying to rank. Two, through traffic that clicks through your article. So, the articles serve double duty.

Another idea is to create other websites and link them to your own website. Now, this is probably not going to do you much good, unless the page rank of the linking site is greater than the page rank of the site linked to. You can create websites on Web 2.0 platforms that rank well in the search engines. Squidoo, Hubpages, and Weebly come to mind. (Although Weebly less than the other two.)

One more quick note that will help tremendously. When you make a text link, that's called the anchor text. If you make the anchor text the same as the keyword phrase you're trying to get your page ranked for, you'll be even further ahead of the curve.

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