How to Get More FaceBook Account

How to Get More FaceBook Account

Social networking sites have become very popular in recent years. Why not? Everyone wants to keep in touch with family and friends and what about the long lost love from high school? Keeping like minded people connected together in an organized way is what social networking is all about. A plus to this is that this connection can be a powerful way to promote an online business. I conducted a recent search on and found that Facebook was ranked in the top 10 websites in the world. This represents a staggering number of visitors.

One of the most powerful ways that people make money online with social networking sites is using those known connections to drive traffic to a website or business.

This can be accomplished in several ways. If you have a Facebook account you have seen those targeted ads on the page and also that pop up in the journal entries. These are paid ads and generate exposure and traffic to specific websites.

The question is how can this benefit you? The answer may seem easier to answer than first thought. Add friends to your list. First and foremost accept every friend invitation you can. Send out invitations to everyone you know and build your friends list as large as you can get it.

The second way is start a cause. Many users of Facebook are generating causes by creating new accounts that focus on specific topics or popular items of interest. This again can encourage more people to join "your cause". The best example I have recently seen of this is a person is promoting the pilot who safely crashed into the Hudson River saving 150 people aboard the US Airways plane. To date over 400,000 people have joined their voice in support of the pilot and his heroic acts. This is a perfect example of using a reason to promote your website and gain additional friends.

An additional aspect of Facebook marketing power is that you can search for people with similar interests. This can help create a great list of like minded people who recognize you as a friend. If you have a website on helicopters, join all the groups related to helicopters. Find people who are interested in the same thing. You will be surprised how many you will find.

It is important however to remember that you may not want to bother your "real" friends and family with a deluge of internet marketing. To avoid this some people have created "alt" pages. An example of an alt page could be a Pen name etc. These pages are used to gather traffic and test different ideas and gaining readers, followers or friends.

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