How to Get More Used Car Leads?

How to Get More Used Car Leads?

There are people who prefer to buy a used car over a new one. You, being a dealer of used cars, want to get a maximum number of used car leads daily. However, to your surprise, a major of inquires fails to convert into customers. Basically, there are two ways using which you can generate car leads – one is through cold calling and another is through the electronic method.

Cold Calling

In this method, a potential customer gets a call from the dealer's office. We usually get random calls from the insurance agents or from a mobile company informing us about the latest models newly launched in the market and about the discounts given to the specific insurance policies. These calls are irritating sometimes but do you know a large volume of sales happen from these cold calls! The process has got its name from the fact that the leads or potential customers are approached via the telephone.

Electronic Method

The marketing campaigns are designed keeping in mind the Internet shoppers. The advertising method includes having a lead inquiry form on the websites, interesting, informative content on the sites and blogs, running email campaigns, banner ads, e-newsletters, and so on. You can generate any kind of leads be it used auto leads or subprime auto leads as long as you have a computer with a steady Internet connection.

A maximum number of sales leads can be generated through the online banner ads and Google AdWords. Apart from the sponsored adverts, there is the free cost promotion through the search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Online newsletters and email campaigns can also be used to promote your car selling business to millions of the targeted audience.

People who are looking to purchase a used car soon will respond to your advertisement. They will either fill up the online lead inquiry form with the message written on the rectangular box at the bottom of the form or will insert their email address to subscribe to your free e-newsletter. The people who have shown an interest to your ad are listed as 'warm used car leads' and the sales team targets those people to generate quick sales.

Which of the method is best for a car dealer?

Ideally a combination of the two methods is what proves very successful for most auto dealerships. Although the conventional cold calling method works better in some cases, you can not altone neglect the online methods of marketing. A majority of shoppers today prefer to gather information online before finally purchasing a product or service. Thus, every business including automobiles needs to increase their exposure and visibility over the Internet to get a large number of potential customers.

The auto dealers need to keep their site and blogs up-to-date putting useful, fun to read content, attractive images, and video clips. A visitor should find the information he or she is looking for. The latest pricing structure of the cars along with their features and technical specifications should also be enlisted in the dealer or third party websites to capture the attention of maximum new and used car leads.

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