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Trying to navigate a full website on an iPhone or Android can be incredibly difficult, meaning there is a demand for an easier, more streamlined format for mobile users.

So the question remains: How can a company ensure that they have a top-of-the-line mobile website for consumers? By keeping in mind these tips, a great mobile website is quite reachable:

User Friendliness

This is arguably the most important aspect of any kind of website. If a client cannot navigate a site easily, they will avoid it. This means that it is essential to ensure that the experience is as easy and to the point as possible. Things that can be done to accomplish this are:

• Limiting your page count: By getting right to the content and the important aspects of your site, people won’t be wasting their time by continuously clicking and looking for the specific page they need. Look at the most viewed pages of your website, and make those easily accessible on your mobile site.

• Streamlining your layout: Continuing with the theme of limiting pages, create a type of “road map” for clients to follow. Getting them from Point A to point B in the least amount of taps, you not only save time on both ends, but you help consumers find content in a quick and timely manner.

• Enabling a “Full-Site Option”: Keep in mind though, that sometimes people will be looking for something very specific on your website. Having an option for them to look at the full layout might save them time rather than trying to find it in your streamlined and generalized mobile site.


• Optimizing White Space: Formatting any digital space can be a bit daunting, and by using white space effectively, you can ensure that a crisp, clean design does not become cluttered and chaotic. With less space to use, ensuring that a user can click on what they intended is the goal, and by keeping a clean appearance, this is an easy task to accomplish.

• Reduce Text Entry: To make things as simple as possible for a user, reducing the amount of text that they need to enter to find what they need is essential. Utilizing features such as drop down menus and check lists are an easy and cost effective way to allow for a customized experience and road map to help get results as fast as possible. Creating an easy, fast, and customized experience for a user is what any website should strive for. Following these tips can help to turn your website into a great mobile site.

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