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If you are planning to launch an eStore, hiring an eCommerce website developer is obvious. With the right developer, you can ensure the eStore achieves its sales target easily. But with so many eCommerce developers in the market, choosing the right one is a cumbersome task. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the important questions you need to ask while hiring such developers.

1. How Much Experience the Company Has in Developing Ecommerce Portals?

Don’t get carried away by the techy jargon-filled languages used by the developer. Instead, ask for real life examples that the company has built before. Pay close attention to the design, user experience and features in each eCommerce website developed by the company.

You need to give them a basic idea about the type of eStore you want to build. Ask if they have worked on similar ideas that can be replicated.

2. Which Software Will Be Used to Build Ecommerce Website?

There are lots of options available when it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform. You should demand a platform that has intuitive features, powerful and easy to manage. After, all you will manage or transact on the store on a daily basis.

Before deciding on any platform, look at the fees and commissions charged by the eCommerce platform. Look for the one that comes with a fixed monthly fee rather than asking for a percentage of the sale.

3. How Will Both Parties Communicate?

Effective Communication throughout the development process is vital to the success of the project. You need to remain involved in the development process throughout rather than coming into the picture when it is already done.

4. Is the Ecommerce Website Mobile Friendly?

It is necessary that your eCommerce website is mobile friendly. Today, a large number of shoppers make purchase through their mobiles while on the move. Without the mobile friendliness aspect, the user experience will be greatly affected and you will lose customers.

Ask your eCommerce website developer to make the online store mobile friendly or responsive that will provide a seamless experience even when customers access your website through mobile devices.

5. Are SEO Fundamentals Covered in the Development Process?

Developing an E-Commerce website is more like a building a house. Without a strong foundation, it will survive longer. For such website, ignoring SEO during the development process will be a costly error.

Site architecture, interlinking, crawlability, functionality, mobile friendly design, site speed and user experience are some of the SEO elements that need to be taken care of while building a website. It will not only save money (spent on redesigning) but also help your eCommerce website earn more money.

6. How the Tests Will Be Run?

Your eCommerce website should not only look nice, but it should also function properly. Make sure the developer uses a testing environment before making the site live. Get information about the testing process and how the bugs will be documented and fixed.

What process do you follow while hiring an eCommerce website developer? Please feel free to share your comments.

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