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Laser-targeted website traffic is known as the biggest gem in generating wealth in an Internet based venture or E-commerce. The most important factor for a website is to be visited by people who are interested in the product or service the website promotes. It is critical to make sure your site is aesthetically pleasing to visitors when creating a site. If your website does not capture any traffic, it is on a sure path to failure.

With targeted visitors arriving at your website, you are highly likely to generate sales, which means profit. History shows that many web ventures have failed in the past. It does not matter if your company is blue-chip or start-up. A start-up business has the same likelihood of success as a large business.

Google Adwords is an excellent way to generate laser-targeted traffic, and send visitors who are interested in your product to your site. The great thing about Google Adwords is that it is a level playing field, the large and small business compete on the same ground. Recently, Google implemented new algorithms into their Google Adwords system, which means things have changed for you, the advertisers. You now have to make sure your website is relevant to the ads you are displaying on Google. When you list an ad on Google Adwords, the Google computers computate a ‘Quality Score’ based on how relevant they think your landing page is to your advert, and this will affect the cost-per-click that Google offers you. This article will show you how to maximise your Quality Score, and thus minimise your cost-per-click, therefore increasing your overall profits.

Google Adwords’ Quality Score has often been a closed book to many online marketers. But many Adwords gurus agree that there are 3 main components to achieving a high Quality Score and lowering your minimum cost per click.

1. Your ad copy.
2. Your clickthrough rates (CTR).
3. Your landing page copy.

Here are 4 simple steps you can take to boost your Quality Score and reduce your costs per click:

1. Include Your Keywords In Your Ad Copy

Including your keywords in your ad title and body copy is one of the keys to writing a relevant ad. Also, this simple move makes your keywords bolded and gives it more prominence among the listings, improving your CTR and lowering your costs per click. It’s a ‘venomous’ cycle!

2. Include Your Keywords In Your URL

This has been proven to increase CTR, which is the strongest measure of a good Quality Score.

3. Include Your Keywords On Your Landing Page

Landing page relevancy is also a critical element of Quality Score. Having your keywords on your landing page indicates relevancy and it allows you to pay lower costs per click.

4. Increase Your Clickthrough Rates By Split-Testing Your Ad Copy

Write 2 different ads and have them display in a 50:50 ratio. You can do this under your Campaign settings. Doing this will allow to view which ad has a superior clickthrough rate. Create new ads often to test against your ‘control’ ad, or your current best performing ad.

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