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How to Increase Your Social Media Presence in Your Network Marketing Business

In: Social Media

Everyone is on social media nowdays but very few people are using it effectively. On Twitter you have what I like to call spam bots. All they do is send out links to affiliate programs all day. They do not engage in conversation. They do not retweet anything. They just dump links all over the place. It may not be called spam but that is certainly what it is.

If you want to increase your social media presence you have to be an honest, trustworthy person who is providing value on a consistent basis. That's a very tall order for most people. But it does not have to be.

If you can write an article, post a video, and engage in conversation then you can increase your social media presence.

And you have to be smart about it too. You do not want to engage with everyone. You only want to engage with people who are interested in the same things that you are interested in. It's all about creating and maintaining a community. People are craving human interaction through all this digital noise and it is provided.

So when it comes to network marketing there is a rather large audience. You do not want to talk to everyone involved or who shows an interest. You want to be very specific. For example, if someone has a group on Facebook chances are that they have members that are looking to be connected with other members of that same group. The absolute best thing you can do is to befriend people within a group that you have already joined or would like to join. That way, you have something in common with your new friend right off the bat.

If you do this consistently you will find that you have thousands of friends that are interested in the same types of things that you are in a matter of a few months. So now every time you post something to your wall that in the past you may have thought was a little "out there" chances are people will connect with that and confirm the fact that you're not really like "crazy" as you thought you were.

There are three big words that you have to take into account here: Interaction, Interaction, Interaction

If you have integrity and you really want to engage in conversation with people that are like-minded from all over the world then it is well within your reach with applications like Facebook.

Network marketers are frustrated and may be between opportunities. If you are involved with a good one and you are having results, share them with your new found friends. You may be very surprised with the results.