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This short guide will show the basics of how to make a good fan sign for someone. Maybe one night you happen to be browsing on your favorite social networking website, and you notice someone who you would like to make a fan sign for you. There might be a problem though if you do not know how to make one. Worse, you may not know what one even is. However, if you do know what a fan sign is, and would like to respond to someone’s request and get one for yourself in a trade, this fan sign tutorial will help you get down the basics for how to make a great fansigns for anyone on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking website!

First off, anyone who is interested in making a fan or body sign for someone will need a few items. You may already have these things! The first is good paper, writing material such as markers or highlighters, and a little creativity. You say you didn’t sign up for art class? Bear with us, it doesn’t have to be that difficult, and the benefits of showing your fans, friends, and followers how many awesome people support you or your cause ourweighs the effort needed! Second, you will need a decent digital camera, but even a phone camera will usually work these days! The last thing you will need is cool people to make a fan sign for! Once we have the above in order we are ready to make the sign!

Basically there are three kinds of fansigns. The great is at the top of the mountain, then there are okay ones, and most horribly there are the ones that shouldn’t have even been made they stink so bad! The following will describe examples of all three in order of the worst to best.

Starting off with the absolute worst sign style ever conceived. This sign style usually involves just throwing a felt tip pen to a sheet of paper and in the worst illegible hand writing scribble what the fan sign is to say. Come on people! You are trying to show some love, not, “I have only time to slap together this!” These fansigns usually are written in pencil or pen and most of the time the writing is not even able to be seen in the picture.

The next style of signs are usually written with a better writing utensil like a marker, highlighter, or even sharpies. The recipient can at least see what the sign says, and it’s miles better than the previously mentioned fan sign. This type of a fansign is passable.

Human beings are funny creatures though, we like creativity and originality! With that said, the best example of a fan sign is usually one that someone takes a little time to make. Use colored paper, markers, permanent sharpies, and your best creativity to make a truly nice sign.

Good karma, gratitude, fan loyalty, and much more will come for the makers of fansigns like this on any social networking website.

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