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Bookmark/Share Here are some eye opening stats of some AdSense experiments I did recently.

AdSense Experiment 1

Website name: xxxxxxxxxx 

PPC campaign duration: 28 days 

Spent: $32.16 

Earned: $82.39 

Profit: $50.23

AdSense Experiment 2:

Website name: xxxxxxxxxxx 

PPC campaign duration: 64 days 

Spent: $75 

Earned: $223.89 

Profit: 148.89

I have a site that makes more than 14 times its Adwords spent in AdSense earnings – and it gets absolutely no SE traffic. Now you do the maths, if you have 10 such similar high quality, high paying websites.

Now great news for you: Google promotes this money cycle. No it’s not a fraud! And I have a solid proof for that :

The above case study will prove that. Google itself has published a case study of a publisher who bought Adwords traffic and is earning through AdSense.

I am going to tell you exactly how webmasters do it and make thousands out of it. And if you do it properly, sky is the limit to your earnings. Turn your mobiles off now, get some glue, and apply to your seats. I am whispering this only to you, don’t tell it to anybody else. It’s a great idea – how to make AdSense money through AdWords. First you will need to visualize AdWords as a traffic source (which is paid). For creating a cycle of making money from Adwords through AdSense, you will need the following ingredients.

1 – High CTR 

2 – Traffic from AdWords 

3 – High paying keywords 

4 – Targeted Content 

5 – SmartPricing explained: Never violate almighty Google 

6 – The last and ultimate secret tricks 

7 – Illegal stuff?

Now let me explain to you the quality and quantity of all the ingredients you will need to get the green cycle that gets you AdSense money through AdWords.

1 – High CTR

There is a reason why you should have high CTR. It should be NOT LESS THAN 10% even in the worst cases. Now, how did I reach at this figure? Suppose you are buying traffic for 5 cents per click from Adwords, and at the end of the day, you get 100 visitors. Now, out of these 100 people, if 10 people clicked your AdSense ads, then the payout of those 10 clicks should be more than $5 (that you spent on Adwords) to earn you any profit. Or you can say, EPC should be at least 0.50 cents.

Let’s use some more valuable stats. Generally, highly qualified traffic clicks are more on AdSense blocks, depending upon your content and placement of your AdSense blocks. I have managed to get up to 20% CTR on Content Websites. 

100 visitors from Adwords 

20% CTR 

20 clicks 

Spent – $5 

Earned – $14 on a particular day 

EPC average was $0.70

2 – Traffic from AdWords

Traffic from AdWords is easy to get. All of us know how to opt for an AdWords account. But it needs to be managed properly so that we may get maximum traffic with minimum investment. 

Tip 1 – Include as many low paying keywords as possible. Get to overture, Get to WordTracker, or any other site you know. Get creative and make your own too. Keyword Country database can suggest you millions of such low paying keywords along with the high paying keywords.

Tip 2 – Don’t pay more than 5 cents to Google AdWords initially. No matter how much traffic you get, just do not pay more than 5 cents in the beginning. Wait for a few days. One week is the best time to draw the average of how much you were in profit. If you feel you can do better by increasing the CPC on AdWords, go ahead!

Tip 3 – Optimize your ads till they have the highest CTR. Use more and more COMMONLY known GENERALLY spoken keywords. Try including search keywords in the ads in such a way that Google shows them in bold when someone views your ad.

Tip 4 – Use suggestive low cost keywords to further boost the traffic on your website. This tip is a bit risky, so it should be wisely used. In certain cases, it can be a deciding factor – Double or nothing!

For more tips on Adwords: www.AwomenDesire.Blogspot.Com

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