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Friends and family are always asking me “How to make money using Google Adwords”. It’s funny because about 8 months ago they all thought I was crazy when I told them about Affiliate Marketing and making money online. Look who is laughing now.

Due to my success I recently decided to give back to my family and friends by sharing the methods I use to generate a decent amount of money with marketing products using Google Adwords. Over the course of two weeks I formulated a plan of action that is easy to understand and implement. I wanted to keep it simple with very few steps without sacrificing important information.

I tested this exact method with several family members and helped them when needed to see what kind of results they would achieve. The results were remarkable. Each began to make sales within days of going live with their Adwords campaigns.

Only if I had this information when I started…it would have saved me a lot of money and time.

If you are interested in making money online or have tried but failed then I encourage you to use the 5 steps I am about to show you. If you ever had the question “How to make money using Google Adwords” you are in luck because here is a simple proven process laid out for you to use.

Before we begin it is critical that you understand one key point. The key to any successful pay-per-click campaign is research. I cannot stress this enough folks. How can you sell your product if you do not know who your market is? You must research to find out who your market is, what problems are they having and how your product can solve their problems. If you can provide a product or service that targets their problems you will make thousands!!

So let’s get started.

Step One – Research a new Niche Market

1. Check magazines (magazines are a great place to research what people want)

2. Check if Niche Market has affiliate programs

3. Check Alexa ranking for each affiliate program (this will tell you traffic for the affiliate program)

4. Check several related affiliate programs to compare content and offering

5. Answer Questions:

a. Does the market have demand?

b. Who is market audience?

c. What does market want or need?

d. What problems do they have?

e. How can this product/service solve these problems

f. Can you cross sale products?

Step Two – Analyze Data

1. Is there a demand?

2. Are there affiliate programs to supply the demand?

3. What products are advertisers promoting within this industry?

4. What keywords are they using?

5. Product Quality

a. Research what people are saying through forums, review websites, news groups, etc.

6. Do the affiliate sites have an Alexa Ranking below 100,000?

Step Three – Research keywords

1. Make a list of benefits

2. Get keywords from magazine ads

3. Forums & User Groups

a. What are hot topics?

b. What problems are people having or needing answers to?

c. What advice is hot?

d. Does topic have a lot of replays or views in the forums?

4. Check competitors websites

a. Check their website for keyword patterns (if keyword is used three or more times then they may be promoting that keyword and making money from it)

5. Check search volume per keyword

6. Check Google/Yahoo Ranking

7. Are there many Adword campaigns?

8. CPC (Cost Per Click) vs. Commission

Step Four – Create Landing Page (website tailored for your product/service)

1. Develop landing page focused on providing supply for the demand based on research

2. Use keywords found from research in content

Step Five – Create PPC Campaign

1. Develop campaign around niche market

2. Create ad groups with 20 or less keywords

3. Use keywords in title and body of ad

4. Split test ad groups between two different products and websites

5. Test, test and test

If you apply all this steps, you can make money with anything online. Like I said earlier, the key is research. If you spend time and learn about your market you will make a lot of money. If you get lazy and skip this critical step you are sure to waste a lot of money or make very little. This is something that Kyle and Carson with Wealthy Affiliates taught me and now I pass it to you.

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