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How To Manage & Grow Your Social Media Campaigns – 5 Useful Tools To Use

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In: Social Media

There is no doubt that social networking has taken the world by surprise. All across the globe, with more and more social sites and users sprouting, businesses have found a brand new platform for marketing. It evolved to become one of the best ways to reach a target audience and market products effectively.

With social media booming, it is important to have the right tools at your disposal to leverage from its many benefits. Here are 5 indispensable tools to try:


Hootsuite has over 2 million subscribers worldwide. The tool allows social network management faster and more conveniently for any end user. It has a dashboard that assures you save time and energy when you need to post to several social networks simultaneously. The tool also enables one to monitor social sites and create reports based on analytics collected.


This is another great tool to use for your business' social media management. Sproutsocial combines all the required elements for a strong and productive social media presence. It integrates the top three social sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and affords easy social media management concierge for your networking. The tool features reporting, contact management, analytics, competitor insights, lead generation and many more.

Message Marker

The Message Market is a tool crafted by the National Institute of standards aimed at the development of a testing tool that creates messages for the HL7 specs. The tool is available free of charge. It is currently in the beta version.


The Engagesciences is a leading social marketing platform that has a huge customer base. It is a self-service tool used by many businesses the world over. It works with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The tool aids in the completion of many campaigns for corporate websites. It allows you to create a social marketing platform that understands each need to successfully complete any social media campaign. You can launch various Facebook promotions and other related events all in one place.


Conversocial is another tool that enables business owners to connect effectively with their customers. It helps manage conversations on Facebook, Twitter and other supported social sites. This way you can keep in touch with your customers and offer them the support and customer care that they need. It even allows further internal collaboration, customer service, and marketing. Merchants using Conversocial can keep tabs of their team's activities and likewise control their activities accordingly. It is the ultimate tool for maximum social media production and affords full control on various business social media processes.

With all these tools at your disposal coupled with exemplary business management, social networking will work for the better and entrepreneurs will experience amazing returns in investment in no time at all; all with the aid of these social networking tools for business.