How to Manage Internet Marketing in the Search Engines?

How to Manage Internet Marketing in the Search Engines?

It is important for all website owners to get high rankings in the search engines so your customers easy can find you and visit your website. The search engines are maybe or at least should be the most important factor in your marketing strategy. If you want to get visitors to your affiliate marketing website the customers need to find you in their searches and a very important way for customers to find their products is through their searches. The solution for this is certainly not to pay a lot of money to get listed in hundreds or thousands of search engines.

You can manage this yourself in a much cheaper way. Start to work with your keywords and your website itself to make it as attractive as possible to the search engines. If you want to succeed to make money on the Internet it is necessary to find a few important keywords to put under your meta-tag. Many choose a lot of keywords to be safe, but that is a big mistake. The fact is that the search engines tend to overlook keywords that totally consist of more than 255 characters and all keywords and phrases have to be separated by a comma. But even more important is keyword density. This expression means how many times your keywords appear on your website. This is very important and this is the reason why very good lists of keywords often have no effect and perfectly good webpages not even get indexed. The fact is that the search engines only bother with the keywords that actually appear on your website. For that reason it is important to build own keyword list for every page on your site. After you have built your keyword list, make sure that every single keyword and every single keyword phrase appear at least once on your page, but preferably twice or more.

In addition to this you will also pay attention to the website itself and make it as friendly as possible not only to the human eyes, but also to the search engine spiders. Make your website a nice place to look, as beautiful and attractive as possible, but make it also easy to explore for the search spiders. To do that, pay attention to the following:

1) Use H1 tags in your main headlines in stead of H2, H3 og H4. H1 headlines are much more noticed by the search engines than lower headlines. The problem with H1 tags are however that most browsers make them to big. To solve that, you can only use a H1 tag with a Font size tag to bring it back to normal size. But by using H1 instead of lower headlines, you will be much more noticed by the search spiders. Put your main keywords in the headlines tagged by H1 and not higher.

2) Whenever you use a picture on your website, make sure that you also use the Alt-tag to give alternative text for browsers that does not show graphics. Here you can use your main keywords. Search engines tend how to overlook images that are 1 * 1 pixels in size. They know they are there only because of the alt tag. For that reason, use a 1 * 2 size transparent gif instead. The image will be invisible, but carry just as much search engine punch as a full size picture.

3) Put crosslinks on every page on your site so that when one of them get indexed, they all get indexed. Put links to all your pages on the bottom of all pages, not because your visitors will use them, they will only be there for the search engine spiders.

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