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In order to successfully market your online business with search engines you first have to understand how they work, search engines primary purpose is to provide useful information to users doing searches.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo want to give a user the most relevant result when he / she types in the words "refinancing an investment property". The Search engines want the 1st result on the 1st page to educate the searcher about "refinancing an investment property".

You have to understand that the reason Google is so successful is because their customers (people doing searches) are very happy and continue to come back for more! Now that you understand this principle I am going to talk about how to market your online business using search engines.

The next question you should be asking is "How do I get my website on the first page of Google?". Your first step would be to gather your content; content is the relevant information users will be searching for in your market. They could be articles, reports, videos, audio files etc.

The idea is to deliver your content to Google so that they can in turn deliver it to your customers in the form of results from searches. You can either put all your content into a website you create or you can distribute it to other sites that Google already trust. This would be the much faster way! This is known as article marketing.

Another way to use the search engines to market your business is by using pay per click. In this instance you are paying Google to have your ad show up on the right side of searches where users can click on them. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, what you pay per click depends on how many other people are bidding on the same "keyword" that triggers your ad.

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