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How To Move The Navigation Bar Below the Header Image Using WordPress and Thesis

In: Website Development

This article assumes that you have some basic working knowledge of WordPress’ dashboard, and are using Thesis as your theme.

The steps will be to open your WordPress dashboard, install a plugin called Thesis OpenHook, make some changes using this extremely useful plugin, and then finally, to tweak your navigation bar using Thesis Site Options and Design Options. Let’s get started.

Go to Plugins in your left sidebar in your WordPress dashboard. Click on Add New. In the Term search bar, type Thesis Open Hook. Install Thesis OpenHook. Activate Thesis OpenHook in Plugins>Installed Plugins. Find Thesis OpenHook in the list and click on Activate.

You’ll find Thesis OpenHook under Appearance in your dashboard sidebar. Click on it. Thesis OpenHook will open. In the bottom right hand corner you’ll see a small dialogue box that states, “Select a hook”. Click the drop down arrows on the dialogue box and go down to thesis_hook_before_header. Uncheck Remove Thesis nav menu. Go to the hook just below this (thesis_hook_after_header) and paste in “<?php thesis_nav_menu();?>” (omitting the quote marks) This text is in the Before Header explanation, so you can copy and paste it into the box right below it.

Click the Little Save Button, and you’re done. Now manipulate all of your nav bar in Thesis>Site Options> Navigation Menu. That’s where you add pages and categories to your nav bar tabs. Note that you cannot put posts in the nav bar. I get around that by writing the post, getting the url for that post on my clip board, make a blank page with the same name and then redirect that page to the url that you have in your clipboard. Now you can make that post a tab on your nav bar.* You can control the look of the nav bar in Thesis>Design Options>Nav Menu.

Thesis OpenHook is an essential tool for your WordPress website. It can do a wide variety of tasks, so learn how to use it. Install it on each of your websites right at the start!

*Why would go to all that trouble? Let’s say you have a site that you want to rank well. And you probably know that Google likes Posts, not static Pages. So in the interest of appeasing the great G god, you use this work around. I have gotten highly competitive keywords to page One doing this. BTW, Thesis already has the redirect area in your page on the dashboard, so it’s simple to do this. Just paste the url you want them to go to and that’s where they will end up.

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