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In: Social Media

The digitization of music in recent years has created phenomenal opportunities for musicians across the globe. Although the icing of the cake is in fact the social media explosion, which when combined with digitized music creates a terrific platform for musicians to showcase their talent to millions of users in the cyber realm and in turn build up a large following of fans.

Using sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr can help your band gain maximum visibility and overnight fame. Unlike back in the day when young bands would have to tour relentlessly to promote them, the social media explosion has enabled bands to come out of the woodwork and propagate their music on a global platform.

In this article we will illuminate you on how your band can optimally use social media to gain visibility and patronage for your music.

  1. Harness the potential of social networks : The first step would be to create an official profile for your band on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. These are some of the most frequented sites on the internet and your band could have gained visibility through them. Take the case of Justine Bieber for instance – a previously obscure singer. His mother first uploaded videos of him singing on YouTube. This little experiment started receiving so many hits occasion and today his net worth has quadrupled to $ 65.5 million.
  2. Record a free downloadable EP : As an unsigned band your best bet would be to record an EP that you can distribute for free on the internet. Sites such as Last.fm and Ourstage etc allow musicians to upload their music for free downloads. This is a really good way to endear yourself to your potential fans. A free EP on the internet would fetch you rave reviews and a lot of publicity online and would be instrumental in creating a fan base for your band. A free EP would also attract the attention of independent record labels that would offer your band a record deal.
  3. Create a blog and an official website : You would need both for the purpose of social media marketing. A website would be the official landing page for your band while a blog would redirect backlinks to your website. You could host the free downloadable EP on your blog. This would redirect a lot of web traffic to your site as fans would want to know more about you.
  4. Create an official fan page on Facebook : An official fan page would let you know exactly where you stand and your level of popularity. Facebook has lots of apps which you can use for your fan page. Apps such as Reverbnation allow you to integrate your Facebook profile and create a mailing list for your fans. This way you could intimidate them about the latest news about your band or music releases etc. This would help you build a decent rapport with your fans and keep them posted.

The aforesaid were just some of the myriad ways through which you can promote your band online. By optimally leveraging the power of social media you would be able to gain intense credence in the online community as well as carve a lucrative niche for your band in its relevant genre.