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How to Remove Your Website From the List of Annoying Websit…

There are so many websites on the net which comes in the category of annoying websites. Now it becomes necessary for you to think what if your website also comes into that category. Website design plays a vital role here. If the visitor feels that the website design is not good then they never revisit the website.

For example, if a client wants a flash website and website is all good and nice. It is attractive with good design also but if you click on the website and every page and every time if it starts flash header then that will become annoying one. This is the common problem with the flash websites. It looks very attractive on the first but if the music or video starts with every click then it becomes annoying one easily. Even music disturbs also to concentrate on other matters or to read website.

Many web designers do these types of mistakes. They overload the website with the heavy picture or lengthy content or flash videos or audios. Sometimes they add very loud header too. It is always good to have a good website but it also becomes necessary to think from the visitor's point of view.

Sometimes web designers and webmasters are so much overwhelmed in showing their technical skills that they over load the creativity. The designer should always keep it in the mind that the website is to provide the company message or to represent the company and not to give proof about the programmer's skills.

Few points are discussed here which makes a website an annoying one.

– Music – this is the most common mistake. If you are not selling music or your website is not a radio station then there is no need to play a continuous music on every page.
– Font size – Many choose the huge font size without any reason. Font size annoys a lot either too big or too small. People feel that very huge fonts as a disturbing one.
– Layers – Many websites have overlapping layers. It is like a forced approach to tell your visitors to read your messages. This also annoys people a lot.
– Popup window – Most of the people block the pop up windows. So if you want to put any important message then do not put on the pop up windows.

One can easily remove the website from the list of annoying websites list by working on these few things.

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