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If you want to rule social media sites like Facebook and Twitter then you'd better get with the program! Whether you know it or not, there are definite rules to abide in this industry of Network Marketing. I wrote this post to save you the heart ache of being banned from all of social media so let's take a look:

1) The Law of Relationship – This is the 1st and most important law! Social Media claims that you get the business out of your head and to begin connecting with others. If you learn to look at sites like Facebook and Twitter as one big social event, then you will begin to connect with others based on common likes and interests. People only do business with people that they like and they trust. When you connect with someone on a personal level, then there is no sale to be made!

2) The Law of Connectivity – This law is tied into the 1st law. As human beings, we all have a need to feel connected to others and to a larger master plan. Whether you believe in God or not, we all need to feel a sense of kinship and community. If you are constantly pitching your opportunity without connecting to others, then you'll be viewed as a pure salesperson. People hate to be sold so learn how to connect!

3) The Law of 80/20 – This industry of network marketing goes by the 80/20 rule. This translates into the fact that we should be forming relationships 80 percent of the time, while speaking about our opportunity 20 percent of the time. Many marketers focus on getting others to join their opportunity in the 80% and worry about connecting with others 20%. If you focus on building solid relationships first, then the other half will be much easier to accomplish.

4) The Law of Self- Belief – This law is self explanatory. Network Marketing is really a course in Personal Development because it will challenge every insecure or negative belief that you may have about yourself. Do you believe in yourself enough to become a legend in this industry? Do you believe that your prospect has the power and you do not? Believing in yourself and your ability to be successful in this harsh industry is the center of everything if you are to succeed.

5) The Law of Maximum Reach – The Law of Maximum Reach means that you must be prospecting ALL OF THE TIME! You should ideally be connecting with 3-5 new people a day to expand your warm market. Learning how to turn a "cold suspect" into a "hot prospect" requires once again that you build and maintain that strong relationship. Extend your reach everyday to build your business.

6) The Law of Personal Success – If you are to be successful then you are to think successfully first! Success will not come your way if you do not first BE & DO the things that a successful person does. You must not act from a place of poverty but from a place of abundance. You have already "be" there in order to get there! Do not let your environment or your circumferences define you. Success has to first be inside of you before you can physically see it on the outside.

7) The Law of Smart Profit – Whatever money you make, make sure to put it back into your advertising. So many of us, after making our first chunk of change, go out and buy expensive things. Whether it be a new car, house, clothes, or just pure extravagance, The Law of Profit will not compensate you because you have to invest in yourself! Be smart by investing your money right back into your advertising so that you can attract more people and therefore increase your profit!

Remember these 7 Laws and you'll be on your way to Social Media Super Stardom!

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