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As you may or not know, Google Adwords is now one of the fastest growing advertising formats that you will come across. Whether your a small local company or a world trader, You are just steps away from creating a tone of traffic to your website. First of all, let me just quickly explain what Google Adwords is – for those of you that don’t know.

Adwords is Googles version of an advertising campaign. Basically put, Google is allowing you to advertise on their website. This means that you will have access to some of the multi millions of visitors that are searching on Google on a daily basis. Which could mean thousand of hits to your website.

Why Google AdWords?

One of the main reason that Google AdWords is so popular is quite simply the way it is structured. Instead of traditional advertising, where you pay for your ad no matter what. Google AdWords allows you to ONLY PAY when a visitor clicks on your ad and comes to your website.
This is the same as your advertising magazine only charging you when a reader gets in contact with you. This is very powerful stuff. It is know as Pay Per Click Advertising.

How to Set up Your Google AdWords Account:

Ok, First of all you will need to go to Google website: .
Once you have loaded the screen, look for a button that says – Sign Up Now > or Try Adwords Now >. Once clicked you will be taken to a page that asks you whether you want to set up a ‘Starter Edition’ or a ‘Standard Edition’, I personally have never used the Starter Edition. Basically, the Starter Edition is only for complete beginners. You will need to upgrade to the Standard Edition sooner or later, so why not sign up now. I’m going to take you through the Standard Edition signup.

Once inside, you will be asked to select your language, this will determine the language of the text that you will be reading. Then you will be prompted to choose your target location. This section is going to depend on your business. Lets break these down.

Countries and territories:

– Your ads will appear for searches made anywhere in the selected locations.

Regions and cities:

– Your ads will appear for searches made in the regions and cities you choose. (Not available in all locations.)


– Your ads will appear for searches made within a specific distance from your business or other location you choose.

So, unless you want to target your, you will select Countries & territories. Other wise, choose an option that will only show your ad in targeted area. I normally choose Countries & territories as this will get me the most amount of explosure.

The following page will ask you which countries you want your ad to appear in. This is very important, as it allows you to chose which targeted countries you want to promote to. For most of my products, I always select – UK, America, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. You can select which ever countries are best suited to you. Simple high light the country that you want, click the ‘Add’ button. Once you have selected all of your countries, simply click ‘Continue’.

Writing Your Ad:

Ok, now we start getting into the heart of the campaign, we can start writing our ads. This part is so easy to do, yet is has one of the biggest impacts on your campaign. Do this right, and you will gain massive rewards, Do this wrong, and it will cost you dig time!


Make you headline stand out from the other adds. It must get the readers attention.

Description Line 1:

This line normally works best as a benefit line. What are the benefits of your products or service?

Description Line 2:

Create a sense of urgency! this should be a call to action line. Get them to click onto your ad.

Display URL:

This is the URL of your website. How ever, you do not need to add the www. And you can also add capitalization to the first letter of each word.

EXAMPLE: – can become –

Destination URL:

This is the full URL of your website address.

Adding Your Keywords:

Your Keywords are the word that you want your ad to on appear when typed in. So, for example: If I’m promoting a free ebook give away, then I would want to bid on Keyphrase such as:
– Ebook
– Free Ebook Giveaway
– E- Book
– E book

As you can see, I’m bidding on different variation of the same word. This is because, you don’t know exactly what a user is going to type in to the search engines. There four, you want to cover all related keywords.

This page also offer you a chance to find more keywords. Simply type your main key phrase into the ‘Want More’ text field, click search and hey presto, You have a new list of keyphrase that you can use. Your keyphrase should be targeted to your product or service.

Choosing Your Price:

One last section to complete then were done. There are three sections to this area, each of which are all based around the amount and currency of your advertising.

Choose a currency:

This is straight forward – simply select the currency of your country from the drop down menu.

Average Spend a day:

How much would you like to spend on a daily basis? I always set this to £1,000. Don’t worry, you will never spend this much. But by setting a high daily spend, it will ensure that your ad is show through out the day. You then control the cost via the keyword bid amount.

Keyword Bid Amount:

Select how much you want to pay. Basically, what is the maximum that you want to pay for one click? This amount should be worked out based on your profit margins. The more profit that you have, the more you can afford to pay. However, a good starting point for most people is between £0.50 & £1.00. This however, will decrease if you can create a high Click Through Rate for your AdGroups. Check out my resource box below for more on CTR, and how to master your campaign.

Well Done!

Thats it, the next step just asks you to confirm your details, then give your account information over. Remember, you will be charged £5.00 to set you account, so have your credit card ready.

Good Luck!
Jeff Spires

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