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How to Shop Smart for Website Design Services

You will not have any problem finding an individual or company to supply website design services: the problem is choosing the right one for your project. Here are 9 vital questions that you should ask to make sure you get the type of Internet presence you need that will provide your visitors with an enjoyable experience and help your business succeed:

1. Are you the person who will do the work?

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you may be surprised to learn that many of the listings on the search engines for individual designers and website design services are posted by agents that procure work for them. There are some large website design companies that use project managers to handle the assignment of project. Always make sure you have access to the designer directly to have changes made as quickly as possible.

2. How much time do you need to complete a project?

You will have to supply the content for your website. The basic layout of the design should not take more than two weeks to complete for a company information format and four weeks to six months for complex e-commerce websites.

3. Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

Your website design is the face of your business to the world. If this is your first project for a new venture, it might be best to play it safe with a basic design to test the waters. If you are established in business and you are planning an aggressive marketing campaign, invest in original, quality design. Make sure that everything is detailed in the project quote and know what the exact hourly rate will be for additional services such as logo design, search engine submission, Internet marketing or programming.

4. Will you create an original website design or use a template?

Creating a website design from scratch can be expensive but it is worth it: original designs are the best way to establish your business identity. If you were on a fixed budget a template can be purchased and customized which can save you money.

5. Does the project cost include delivery of the original graphics files?

There are some website design firms which will keep the original files apart you request them. In order to control your website you need the original graphic files. If a design firm will not agree to this it would be best to find one who will.

6. Who owns the site design when it's done?

Yes this is the legal part. You are hiring the designer to create a website for you, and you need to negotiate the terms to own the design before the work begins. The contract should state that this is a "work for hire" that you own the copyright when the work is completed.

7. Do you test the design on multiple platforms?

There are several different browsers being used to access websites on the Internet and your design should be tested to make sure that the content and layout remains the same in different browsers.

8. What information do you need from me to begin the project?

Professional website designers typically have a questionnaire that they will review with you to determine the functionalities, features and components that will be needed to work with the design such as databases, forums, video or audio.

9. Which editing software do you use?

Make sure that whiche designer you choose to create your website explains the editing process with you before the project begins along with the type of software you will need to make changes in your code or content.

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