How to Structure Your Marketing Campaign for Social Media

How to Structure Your Marketing Campaign for Social Media

The importance of the presence of your company on Social Media has grown exponentially over the last years. Today it is not enough to have a profile page and wait for your number of followers to increase. The page for your company is an extension of your brand image and one of the key influencers from your market segment.

Therefore it is crucial to devote time and attention to the creation and maintenance of these web presences.

Before you start, you must structure your action plan. Update and maintain an active and interactive presence with your followers can be a daunting and disorganized task, taking too much of your time – this routine will be very difficult to maintain in a long term. So it is important to define some key points about what you will actually do to optimize your presence on Social Media.

Define your audience – who is the buyer of your product, who you want to receive your message. Then try to maintain a constant communication structure so that your followers feel identified with your message. For example, LinkedIn members are mostly of higher age of the Facebook members, and are also more permeable to news of a professional nature, while news of recreational nature can be naturally shared on Facebook.

Follow your competitors – watch the news that they share. This will make you become more self-conscious regarding your own broadcast efforts and can provide you valuable insights on what your communication should refer.

Structure your goals – create an identification with your audience, guide attention to a particular situation, search more leads for your business – these releases are distinct from each other and it is important to define what you want to achieve and when. Do not insure solely on commercial campaigns: your followers will feel defrauded and may quickly lose interest in following you.

Organize a calendar – is important to keep a periodic in the publication of news. It is also important for your own organization: if you book a few moments for this activity (daily, weekly or other) will be more difficult to pass it to the background. This periodicity may also be matched to the variable amount of followers: you can start with a weekly post when it still has relatively few followers, then increase to several times a day depending on the interaction of inserted comments and feedback – it's very important not to let your audience unanswered.

Analyze your activities – the success of communication in Social Media does not happen overnight: it is important to monitor the variation in the number of followers in reference to your activities. This will provide you insight on what has a more positive effect on your market segment and where you should invest more of your precious time. Several websites offer services of Social Media Measurement Tools. But if you think you do not have the availability for this type of analysis, partner companies can provide valuable support.

Alongside the website, presence on Social Media is essential to any company. Offers a more complete and reliable image to your market segment and is a simple tool to promote services and monitor you clients. However, keeping the routine in publication and interaction with your followers is not simple and it takes extra care to never let followers feel they are unheard. But the benefits of an active and consistent communication plan on Social Media brings undeniable advantages for the success of your brand.

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