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A simple process to do is to analyze the hits on your landing page trace the number of sales. However, Google offers you several useful tools that help you track your adwords conversions even more efficiently. Below are some of the tips to acquire the conversion data. Conversion of data is very important in the digital marketing to track to the success of interactive advertising campaign.

A Javascript code is used by Google that is used to collect conversion data from your website’s links. Embedding this code into your links lets you keep a track of the ads that had been clicked on and which were later converted into sales. All you need to do is include some text of the code into your webpage and you will be able access the conversion/tracking reports directly.

This tool is mostly used in websites that are shopping carts. There is no major requirement for installing the tool; however, the only condition is that on your website you must run only those ads that are approved by Adwords. Also make sure that the few lines of the code are positioned only on the page of conversion. You might face some issue of not being able to access accurate conversion data if you miss out on these things.

The confirmation about the working of the code can be done by you. Just be careful of not to click on your own ads as it is against the adwords rules. Once you do a conversion your self, you can wait for twenty four hours and see the results of click through.

There is another way to check your conversion data – through payment checkout systems like Paypal. Systems like these provide a webpage that allows the insertion of the Adwords tracking code that in turn shows conversion confirmation. This way you can maintain the sales record as and when an online purchase transaction is completed.

It is also important to find out the total cost per every conversion for any ad campaign. This is necessary because it helps you determine the amount that is being used to generate sales. This can be calculated by using free tools for tracking conversions and analyzing your total campaign cost against the total number of conversions.

Google Adwords allow online advertising and it has been a very useful and functional tool that helps generate maximum sales. Writing ads is an important step and keeping track of those ads is even more essential. Therefore, make the most of tools available by Google and boost up your website’s growth.

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