How to Use Facebook for Your Network Marketing Business

How to Use Facebook for Your Network Marketing Business

Anyone who works or is familiar with network marketing knows that relationships are critical to your success. What better way to create this but through Facebook, the king of relationship building. In this past year, Facebook has grown to 1 billion members. That is huge! For my business, it just makes sense.

If you decide to include Facebook in your marketing strategy there are a few steps you should take daily in your approach.

1. Reach out to 10-Myrtle-Beach0 new prospects per day within your market
Look for those who you can relate to or may be good potentials for your business. You can like their page and comment on their header or posts. This is a great way to get them to look at your fan page and like or comment as well.

2. Add pictures, quotes etc to your page daily
This keeps those visiting your page coming back. This adds value to your readers and helps most of us network marketers the inspiration we need! There is nothing worse than arriving on a fan page full of advertising or pitching their products.

3. Reply to all comments!
It is so important to engage. I see so many in network marketing not answering questions from others. If someone is asking for your help, help them or guide them. In the end, it will work in your favor.

4. Facebook advertising
Advertise a blog you wrote or advertise a link to a capture page for your affiliate or network marketing. This is a great way to bring traffic to your site or create new email leads for your email marketing.

5. ADD VALUE !!!!
Like I said above, not only add inspirational quotes but add valuable information that will help your fans with their business. Give them a reason to come back. Do not sell sell sell. No one wants to be reached by someone trying to sell their product. Here is where attraction marketing comes into play. Add value, help them and in return they may be interested in working with you. Sell ​​yourself, not your product. Please!

6. Have a separate fan page with your name in your header
I recommend keeping your personal page and business page separate. It is very easy to create a fan page on Facebook. Please feel free to contact me if you need help.

7. Fill in the about me page with your blog or resources
Why would not you add your website or blog? This is a must! If someone is interested in what you have to offer, have your link on your about me page!

8. Add your business or affiliate capture pages to your tabs
In Facebook's new page set up, you can add tabs just below your header. This is the perfect opportunity to show what you offer with links to your blog or website and several capture pages of information / business ops you offer.

The key to Facebook marketing is the same with any kind of marketing. Build a relationship and trust with your audience. If they like what they see, they will come back for more.

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