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If you are not making use of Facebook marketing strategies as part of your internet marketing plan there is a chance you could get left behind. Marketing on Facebook is a way of putting your product or service in front of potentially millions of people, but social marketing has to be done correctly.

Hard Sell : The hard sell method does not work on Facebook for one cruel reason. People visit the site because they are socializing with friends and family. To market on Facebook you have to start to socialize, and the best way to do that is to set up a Fan page, or as some call them, a like page.

Like page: You can set up as many like pages as you wish on one Facebook account. The idea is, to set up a page that is to do with the niche you are in, or to do with the product you are trying to sell. You start by uploading an image on to your page. You will want to make it an image that stands out or catches the eye.

You then need to populate your page with pictures, videos and news snippets regarding the niche you are in. You will also need to set up the page so that when people click the link to your page they go direct to your page wall. Once you have between 6 – 8 items on your wall you need to get people interested in your page. The quickest way to do this is to use a Facebook ad.

Creating an ad is very simple as you only need to upload an image to go on the ad, and add a few lines of text. The image you choose has to be really eye catching as you want to attract users on Facebook to click on your ad. The cool thing about Facebook marketing is that you can really target your customer group.

Targeting: Targeting who you want your ad to appear to, is crucial when using these Facebook marketing strategies. You need to find out your target market by age, and gender. The trick to doing this is, to find other sites that advertise or promote the same service or products you are promoting. You then take their url and go to a site called

At Quantcast you can enter a url and it will give you the amount of traffic that site gets, and it breaks the traffic down in to age, sex, and other demographics. Once you have that information you can then select the right sex and age range of the person on Facebook you are trying to target.

Once you have set up the demographic of your target audience you will be given a price range to bid for your clicks. The best method is to bid 2 cents more than the lower figure. Normally you will get your clicks for much less than you bid.

If you have set your target audience correctly and your ad starts to run, you will be surprised at how fast you will start to get people liking your page. Once someone has clicked on the like tab of your page, every time you make a post on your page wall, it will be seen by everyone that clicked you're like tab. I am sure you can see how powerful Facebook marketing strategies can be from this.

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