How To Use Facebook To Market Your Business

Seems like everyone is into Facebook today. Is not this a good sign to venture into business and plunge into Facebook? And why not? This will give you a big opportunity to market or advertise your products and services through social media marketing. Since according to facts and trivia about this popular social media platform, it has been around for only 5 years but it has tremendously made big achievements. Did you know that every week, there are about 5 million new members all around the world that join Facebook? Just what does this statistic mean to your business? It simply shows you that you have a great deal of help when it comes to making your business a big success and that the potential of increasing the number of clients is possible by marketing your business to Facebook.

Facebook is now the number one most trafficked website. Again, this is a great edge for entrepreneurs out there. There are several things and ways to use the site such as sharing news, uploading photos or links about your business with which can be viewed by the world. Networking is no longer merely just reaching to long-distance friends or families but also it has become a tool for marketing.

Getting it started

First things first. The initial step is to create an account. Do not worry it is free! When you fill out your profile, make sure that you provide all information such as your real name or business name, your contact details (phone number, email, fax number, mobile number, and IM address) and that you make it more interesting so that others will read it. Also, you can include your business website or other links that you may have related to your business. You may also upload your logo and other photos that may associate you with your business. Include photos of your products plus a caption of what it is and other pertinent details so it will be a one-stop shop.


Do you have an exhibit to launch, a new item to market or sometimes a promotional offer to advertise? Communicate it through Facebook. There are many ways to do it. You can share the news on your wall for everyone to read. You can also tag a friend or client in a picture with caption, advertisement page or a link. You can also spread it by sending a message to everyone or to a group of people that you would like to target. There are many ways to get your message across but remember to never spam people as Facebook has strict rules on spamming. The best practice is to connect and engage with people.

Maximize and be creative

Do not let your wall be dull and boring. Maximize the potential of the "What's going on your mind" section. You can use this to update the latest news, events or new products. You should also be creative when saying a headline by making it more mysterious and yet Interesting enough for people to be curious. Remember to always add value to people's lives, that is a sure way to create interest about you and your company.