How to Use Google to Find Joint Venture Partners!

How to Use Google to Find Joint Venture Partners!

Finding joint venture partners is not hard, it is finding the good ones that presents the difficulty. I recommend starting to look for joint venture partners by pretending to be a consumer of your products. Stop and ask yourself, "If I were looking for my product, where would I start? What keywords would I use?" After you place yourself in the shoes of your customers, use the world's largest search engine and start your research.

Once you look up your search terms on Google and the search results are displayed, understand that you are viewing a vast library of almost endless joint venture partners. Each website is operated by a person or a company that may be interested in working with you. Approach them as if you are a data analysis company. Compile databases that track who you have contacted and how, as well as any response they may have had. I recommend keeping track of this info on Google docs so it is a web-based source of info you have and not located on your desktop hard-drive. Once you have built your database of prospective partners, track their level of cooperation and how they receive you. You really want to winnow out any partners that are not absolutely excited about marketing your product, and working with you. If they are too busy for you, then they will not do a great job of marketing your products. That is really what you are looking for is a great partner so do not mess with anything less than that.

Each prospective joint venture partner you approach may sell a product that is competitive, or complimentary with your product. Keeping that in mind, you may need to use a different approach or tact to establish a working rapport. Imagine approaching a partner who puts out products that are in direct competition with your product. The logical question you will face from them is, "Why would I market your product to my list when I sell a very similar product?" And, in all likelihood, that will be the end of the conversation. If you are glib, you can point out that the members of their list may benefit from and even desire products recommended by their trusted list-master. Since your prospective partner has already established a good record with them, they may trust the partner enough to go ahead and purchase, even if they had not purchased the partners similar product. I know this may seem like a stretch but you have to be prepared when you are speaking with potential partners so you do not come off as someone who has not considered the angles.

Of course, you always use the research you compiled from Clickbank, eBay and E-book library site that were previously discussed in this E-book. Add those potential partners to your database and apply the same approach with them. Keep in mind, it may take more than an affiliate split, a decent percentage or some other lucrative form of agreement to wrap up them joining with you on your project, but get the negotiations done. If you have to form a different agreement with each partner, then so be it. You do not really want to miss out on the potential business, simply because it is a little more difficult.

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