How to Use Microtesting With Google AdWords

How to Use Microtesting With Google AdWords

Researching, developing and producing online products is undoubtedly a stressful endeavor. Many entrepreneurs are full of ideas and unsure of how to execute them. Creating a plan for entering a competitive market, or even launching a market-creating product, is something that’s neither easy to do nor easy to gain advice about. There are so many variables to decide on: product name, specifications, market prices, and production margins. Without a steady flow of market feedback and testing, this process becomes almost impossible.

This really leaves two alternatives for entrepreneurs that need feedback and responses on their demo products: hire expensive focus groups, or market their ideas through Google AdWords. For most internet marketers, the first idea is simply too expensive and unmanageable  for actual use. The second, however, is a practical idea that is used more and more often in the world of internet marketing and entrepreneurship.

Google AdWords is a powerful product not just for advertising but for testing. When you’re stuck with 5 different product names and need feedback on each of them, a comprehensive Google AdWords testing campaign is a great strategy. With many ads costing very little to put online, it’s not prohibitively expensive to run micro-campaigns using different product names, search keywords, and ad copy to determine which variables work best for your product. Whether you’re launching a book or a software suite, market feedback like this is worth 100x its value in advertising costs.

What if you’re about to start an AdWords campaign but want to test which advertisement is the most effective? Instead of spending a massive amount of money and taking a gamble on one specific advertisement, run a small scale Google AdWords campaign for each different ad, and use the response rate to gauge which one is the most effective. From there, it’s simply a matter of making multiple versions of the most successful ad, slowly tweaking the advertising copy, and letting the most successful version represent your brand and product. With the ability to micro-test advertisements like this before they go 100% live, Google AdWords should be a mainstay in any internet marketers playbook.

Finally, if you ever need to gauge feedback on one of your products, Google AdWords can be a great way to locate and contact the people that you need to hear from. When you’ve launched a product and need to gather information on your audience, add a feedback form to the page that your Google AdWords advertisement links to and have them fill in their details and comments. Using AdWords to craft a permission asset is just one of many different ways to make the most of the service.

With so many possibilities, Google AdWords should be one of the backbones of your PPC marketing campaign. Whether you’re a small time internet marketer who uses AdWords to make a side-income, or a full-time internet marketer that’s dedicated to making massive profits online, AdWords can help you increase your margins, lower your other advertising expenditures, and reach profitability much more rapidly. 

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