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How to Use Web Design to Prop Up Your Rankings

Make your web pages beautiful, put the text in proper order and get some call-to-action buttons in, and you have a website. That's how it was long ago ….. but sadly that's not how you do it now; it's more complicated and if you want to be on the bandwagon there's no better time to step up than now.

What changed the face of the internet?

It's the race to get on top of Search Engine Results Page or Page (SERP). Without the use of SEO any website would be left behind. SEO is a scientific technology which is very much applicable to make online marketing effective. Learning how to optimize takes time but there are some initial guides you can rely on like the following.

  • The Code: assuming you are doing the design alone and you have no SEO team, you need to spend time with the code. This is the only way to come up with easier process of creating the look and feel of the website. Knowledge on using descriptive tags lets you structure the pages. This makes it easy for search engines to read your content.
  • Flash Files: Using flash for navigation is attractive but it makes hard and long for search engines to read them. Why not build it with a drop down navigation?
  • Keywords: Keywords are very important and must be placed in strategic spots but too many of them can have a real bad effect on your content. So do not overdo it.
  • alt attribute: Use it in labeling images. Describe the image with keywords relevant to the topic where that image is associated because users may type them on the search box when looking for something on the web. Search engine read the keywords not the images.
  • Page titles: Each page on a site must have a unique title. Pages with the same title are not search engine friendly.
  • Link titles: Links are extremely important. When you need to link to a content, be sure to add a word in the link which is relevant to the content you linking to. If the link is to a list of benefits from a solar fountain, name it "read more about solar fountains" and not just "read more".
  • The use of URL: You should decide if you want to keep the prefix www before your site goes live. Using both URLs on different pages will appear that two sites have the same content and you will be in big trouble.
  • Link Building: It is when users come to your site from the links you leave at the footer of your articles. Inbound links build fast through article marketing. When this becomes hard for you, you can outsource article writing and article marketing.

The above list of course, is always helpful and will send your site towards higher ranking rankings. It is important to learn more on how to improve SERP ranks when web design is underway. After all, it's a webmaster's goal ….. to get to the top.

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