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If you're thinking about getting online, then WordPress is one of the best ways to get started. You can use it in a wide variety of ways for a wide variety of purposes. The flexibility is what makes WordPress user so popular. Businesses, individuals, celebrities, politicians, and more are using this program, but how?

How to Use WordPress as a Personal Journal

This is the most conventional way. Starting with might be good. If; however, what you write about is something disagrees with, then your site may be removed. Of course this others most blog owners. Many people go ahead and get their own hosting. They are also able to ask for donations or run ads, which does not allow.

After you get your blog, you can discuss what is going on in your life. Pictures are a great way to help tell stories and are easily added. Some people add YouTube Videos. Using WordPress to add various media formats to your personal journal is fun way to get people interested.

How to Use WordPress as a Business

If you have a business, then you can run the whole site on a WordPress format. Since WordPress is such a versatile program people can run whole websites with it. You can have multiple pages to discuss location and products and more. Like with personal journals, a business can add picture. Your business could create a short commercial upload, to YouTube and add it to your WordPress!

Some businesses have a blog that they use as a journal. Just today, I noticed my grocery store has a blog with recipes, area news and other such information. Some businesses use the blog as a project page to show the latest projects.

How to Use WordPress for Churches

Churches have decided to join the World Wide Web. They realize a growing population is accredited to finding information online. Thus Churches put location, service hours and information about the minister on their website.

With WordPress they are able to do all of that and take it a step further. Since this format is basically as simple as typing with a little bit of cut and paste, it is not limited to just the person who puts the site together. Ministers can easily add stories, or summaries of this week's lesson. The church may even give access to some parishioners. These church goers are able to add stories from their point of view rather than as a church employee.

How to Use WordPress for other purposes

The ways to use WordPress are almost limitless. Politicians write updates on things that are doing politically, latest news and such. Writers often have portions of stories that they share. They share latest news on their books and sometimes ask readers opinions.

Celebrities share updates, issues that they believe in, and pictures of their pets. Some people use WordPress to discuss particular hobbies, crafts or other such interests. The ways WordPress can be used are limited only by your imagination.

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