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Why are Effective Product Descriptions so Important?

Images can grab your client’s attention, but they are not enough if you want to be successful with your jewelry website. Not only do well-written product descriptions help your client understand all the benefits your jewelry has to offer, but these written words will also improve your search engine rankings.

How to Write Effective Product Descriptions for Your Jewelry

1. Consider your Target Audience

2. Start with the Title and the Hook

3. Explain the Benefits of your Jewelry or Product

4. Incorporate Keywords

5. Inform about Product Facts

6. Add Customer Reviews

First you should consider who your audience is. Are you selling luxury diamond jewelry, or artful handmade pieces? What is it that you clients are searching for? Be sure you understand the interests and desires of the people most likely to buy your jewelry, so you can appeal to them.

Before writing the copy start with the product title. Give each piece of jewelry a name that is not only intriguing but descriptive as well, and try to use a keyword. While your bracelet may be called “Aero,” a title like “Aero Bracelet,” is not enough. Consider something like “Aero Diamond and Platinum Bracelet,” or “The Aero Bracelet: Luxury Diamond Jewelry.” These titles are much more descriptive and incorporate keywords many jewelry websites would benefit from.

Next, what are the greatest features of your product? How is this piece of jewelry better than another, and why does the shopper need this item? Explain all the benefits associated with your product and tell your potential client how owning this beautiful turquoise ring will make their lives better, or why these particular diamond earrings are unlike any other pair.

Don’t forget SEO! Make sure you consider optimizing your copy for the search engine spiders. Create list of keywords, or the major search terms that clients would input into a site like Google to find your products, and then include these in the product title and the description. This will help people find stunning “diamond platinum earrings,” on your site, when they are searching the web for these terms.

After you have eloquently described your product and incorporated keywords into the copy, don’t forget to add some bulleted facts regarding size, material content, weight, shipping info, or anything that a shopper would need to know about the item. When buying products from a jewelry website, this information is crucial to shoppers, and they don’t want to have to contact you via email or telephone. To close the sale, be sure you provide everything that they need to know.

Finally, if you have any great customer reviews on a particular product or piece of jewelry, be sure to add that as well. Internet shoppers love to hear testimonials from others who already own the product; it helps your jewelry website earn credibility. Consider a place on your site that clients can add their experiences and opinions.

What is an example of an effective product description?

This is an excellent product description from a website that sells wedding rings:

For the romantic bride, this unique gold women’s wedding band celebrates history and romance. Inspired by the Medieval era of Knights and round tables, this lovely women’s wedding ring is carved in an open pattern reminiscent of a royal crown. Offered in both 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold, this elegant Medieval inspired women’s wedding band will be adored for years to come.

  • Metal: 14k white gold or 14k yellow gold
  • Width: unknown
  • Gemstones: none
  • Best For: The bride that seeks a unique women’s wedding ring
  • Notable Feature (s): Medieval inspired design

What is an example of an ineffective product description?

It seems that the high-end jewelers are the ones that lack effective product descriptions, likely because they want clients to contact them personally. They are forgetting however, that good product descriptions are not just about selling, but also about SEO and helping clients find their sites through the search engines. They sell incredible luxury diamond jewelry through elegant websites with remarkable product images, but their site offers no information about the individual pieces displayed. Ineffective product descriptions are those that only include the name of the piece of jewelry, and offer no further details. These jewelry websites are missing out on valuable SEO and sales opportunities.

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