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In: Software Development

If you have not heard the news as of yet, Google is promising to once again revolutionize the way we communicate and interact on the net. Get ready to experience Google Wave, the next "wave" of technology that promises to change the way we think about regular emails and messaging.

Google Wave is a type of technology that will allow you to create a WAVE that is basically a live, interactive document to all of your contacts. This document can be about your personal life, or for those who are looking to use this tool to earn money, about your business as well. The document can feature text, video, the ability to instant message, and more.

The really cool thing about it is the folks you send it to can actually add to or manipulate the Wave on their end as well. Because it is on a hosted server, whenever a change is made to the document, the document changes for EVERYONE allowing many people to see the changes all at once. The demonstration videos available online are simply amazing. Think about how this could affect your business as a brand new communications tool …

First of all, rather than hosting an in person business meeting to brainstorm on a particular subject, you could just create a Google Wave containing the information and allow your employees to add their thoughts and comments to the document. Once everyone has weighed in, an entirely new document will have been created that can be used as an action plan. In addition, this valuable insight will have been given at NO COST to the employer whatsoever … no length meetings, no conference space needed, just the ability to have your people check the link when they are on the internet.

Secondly, the very nature of this software is designed with collaboration in mind. By getting your team involved in the process of interacting with a Google Wave, you will be promoting camaraderie and teamwork at the same time. Keep in mind, this is done no matter WHERE your employees are located. They can all be at their respective HOMEs, but because they each had a part in the final document, the feeling will still be the same. Does this team mentality exist with basic emails? I think not …

Google Wave will be available in the latter part of 2009 and promises to truly turn our thoughts about how we use the internet upside down. Google has done it again, and for that, I thank them …