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The HTML <dfn> element defines a term within a document, helping to provide clarity and context. It is often paired with the <abbr> element to describe or explain an abbreviation or acronym. 


The syntax for the <dfn> element is as follows:

<dfn>Definition goes here</dfn>


<p>The acronym <dfn>HTML</dfn> stands for HyperText Markup Language.</p>

This example demonstrates the usage of the <dfn> element to define the acronym “HTML” and provide its meaning.


Most browsers display <dfn> content with italicized styling.


The <dfn> element has no specific attributes, however, it inherits common global attributes that apply to most HTML elements, such as class, id, style, and title.


The <dfn> element accepts inline elements, text, or other HTML elements as its content and typically wraps around the term or phrase that requires a definition.

Did You Know?

  • The <dfn> element can help create glossaries or explain technical terms in educational or technical documentation.

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