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When a dog is coughing and gagging he is showing a reaction to something in his environment. Is his coughing or sneezing really that dangerous? Much like when a dog is sneezing, when your puppy is coughing this could have resulted from something harmless.

He may have ingested something that has tickled his throat and caused him to hack and cough. Maybe he just chewed on a dust or dirt-covered toy and is trying to clear his throat, or picked up a slight case of kennel cough form his last trip to the vet.

Unfortunately, there could also be something more serious. If not treated promptly, a fairly simple problem can lead to more dangerous issues when your dog coughs. That is where a safe, natural cure steps in.

If your dog is coughing and gagging sporadically, and does not have a history of this behavior, you may think that leaving it to take care of itself is the plan of action. But when he coughs, Fido scratches his throat. If your dog or puppy is coughing constantly, this can lead to damage that leaves this area tender and susceptible to bacterial infection.

As the coughing accelerates, the amount of pain experienced when your dog is hacking increases as well. Then bacteria moves in, and can even move down into the lungs. This can lead to deadly afflictions such as pneumonia. Wishful thinking and rose-colored glasses do not help when a dog coughs.

“My dog is coughing a lot. His coughing is getting more frequent. What can I do to cure him? I can not afford an expensive veterinarian’s bill.” If these are the thoughts going through your head right now, there is a safe, quick-acting, natural answer.

Using natural, HOMEopathic remedies allow for safe, natural treatment in your HOME. In the wild, dogs eat leaves and grasses to alleviate their ills. This is nature curing nature. You can do the same for your beloved pet when your dog is coughing and hacking.

Natural cures have no side effects, can be simply applied in your HOME or back yard (a pinch on your dog’s tongue), cost a small fraction of the amount of a vet’s bill, and work quickly. Safe, HOMEopathic cures are also non-invasive. You do not have to stand helplessly by as your pet is shot and groped and has a look of betrayal in his eyes.

Some veterinarians even feel that the chemical vaccines and cures we have been using for years have actually INCREASED the frequency of disease in our pets. Use a safe, natural remedy the next time your dog is coughing and hacking.

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