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Website design is an art. Making a website accessible and search engine friendly is even more important. It is a continuous process and requires a lot of time and resources. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of an existing website, in which not much effort was put in optimization during development and planning phase could be tedious. So, it becomes important that SEO measures should be taken right at the time of website designing process. This will save your efforts which you have to apply later.

However, designing a SEO friendly website is not so difficult. You just need to keep few basic techniques in mind. The first step in making your website SEO friendly begins with the first step of website design, ie HTML coding. An SEO friendly HTML code helps the search engine spiders crawl your website. It also makes you indexing easy. It involves the efficient use of Titles and headings. You should use your keywords wisely in your titles and headings. This eases the indexing of your site for search engines as they crawl through titles and headings and use it for indexing.

Next important factor is content. While designing your website you should always try to use fresh and original content in your web pages and set the titles and headings accordingly. You might be thinking that it is easy to modify content later depending on your optimization needs, but keep in mind that the age of your content also matters. Most search engines prefer older and original content, so it is possible that your webpage might be ranked depending on how old your page is. However, some search engines have now started preferring fresh original content yet an older page might be ranked high.

Meta Titles and Meta descriptions are the very important things. Meta Titles and Meta descriptions are displayed on Search Engine Result pages and are also used to search your website. The Meta Titles and Meta descriptions of your website should be descriptive and must include important keywords.

If you are using images in your website then image optimization during website will be very helpful. Search Engines can not read your image's content. Instead they will read the text in Alt attribute which describe what the image is about. So, choose a descriptive text for your Alt and title tags. Another way to improve is to add watermark or submitting your image to image optimization sites. Image slicing and resolution reduction are also beneficial.

And last but not the least, choose the Uniform Resource Locator for your web pages wisely as it serves as the entry point to your website for users as well as web crawlers. The URL should be compact and should include important keywords.

If you take all these measures during website design then you will be able to design a SEO friendly website.

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