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Search engine optimization has become vital today if you wish your website to show up for search results. While the technique of using unique, keyword-rich content can place your website on top positions for specific searches, there are other factors that aid in ranking of your websites in the search engines. The value of your website is determined by the number of inbound links that point toward your website. It you are able to get more backlinks to your website, then you are really increasing the importance of your website in the internet. The higher the value of your website in the internet, the greater the chances of being found for keyword searches will be. It is said that backlinks to your websites are similar to votes; however, different backlinks from various websites have different values. A backlink from a PR 0 website is valued much less than that of backlink from PR 9. Similarly, links that point toward your website from authority websites have a greater value than those from ordinary websites and blogs. Even the position of links in a website and the anchor texts used will have an effect on the link value on your website.

There are many ways to obtain backlinks for your website. Common techniques followed by link building company include directory submissions, where your website will be placed in relevant directories with a backlink to your site; article submissions, where articles with backlinks from the content or at the author bio space will be placed in article directories; social book markings where your links will be placed in social networking sites; link exchange in which you will obtain backlinks by placing the a link for the donor website in yours; or purchase links from websites that sell backlinks.

Mixed reactions pop up among web masters when it comes to the topic of link trading. Although buying and selling backlinks is viewed seriously by search engines, it is often overlooked by search engines, when the link looks natural from a site that has relevant content. While you might get caught if you purchase links yourself, an experienced link building company will have discreet means to obtain paid links on your behalf and improve your website’s SERP as well as your page rank without your site being penalized. Only other way to show up for searches is the pay per click, which is pretty costly when compared with organic SEO.