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Importance Of Usability In The Best Website Designs

A lot of people think that best web design is all about producing an eye-catching site. This is right to some degree, but there are many more elements involved when it comes to designing quality websites. An effective web site design apart from being visually appealing should be search engine friendly, user friendly and intended to sell. Here we will discuss about the importance of usability in planning quality best websites designs.

Usability referers to how user-friendly or accessible a site is. The more usability a site has, more chances are that people will visit, stay and invest in your business. But if the site is hard to use and complicated, people will go somewhere else to do business. Best website designs which are high on usability allow the target audience to do everything they wish to in a quick and hassle-free manner. A user-friendly website design also improves the time spent by every customer on the site and this increases the chances of generating higher sales leads.

Just imagine a situation where you have gone to a shop to purchase a gift for your colleague. The moment you entered the shop you were impressed with its ambience. But the moment you started to find the gift you found out they were not properly labeled. Moreover, there were even no employees around the corner to assist you. What is it you will do next? It is quite obvious that after some time you would go out from here and buy your gift from some other place. Website usability is just like this. Even if the site looks good and attractive you would find great difficulty in turning your visitors to potential customers if it is not high on usability. So, always spend some time focusing on best website designs keeping in mind the user-friendly factor; you will certainly not regret.

However, make sure to create a site, which is user-friendly in terms of the following:

Navigation – It should be easy to get around the website. Never put important and useful information in 5 levels of sub-pages. Quality web design involves sticking with a simple and basic site, which is easy to get around. The web site should also have an accessible navigation tools.

Layout – The layout of the web page must be simple and should give people an access to the information and tools in a hassle-free way.

Overall design – A lot of people think that if they use heavy graphics, images, logos and such other elements in their web pages, they will be able to attract their target audience. If you also think the same way, you are wrong! Avoid too many usages of them because that clutters up the page and makes it difficult for customers to navigate. Just stick to the basics in order to come up with the best website design.

Content – The content must be engaging, interactive and informative. Only then people stick around your website and be interested in knowing what you have to say. Provide them with information that would benefit them and use the content wisely. Make it simple, short, clear and crispy.

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