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Important Aspects of a Mobile Website Design

Mobile website designers take extra care in building a site that not only complements your main website but it is also user friendly. Following are some of the important considerations that should be kept in mind while designing a mobile site: –

1. Screen resolution

Do ensure that your mobile website design is compatible with different screen resolutions. Your mobile site should work well with different versions and models of a particular mobile handset device. For example: – Smartphones like Blackberry, iPhone, Android, iPads, Apple OS devices, Symbian OS devices, Windows mobile devices, etc.

2. Important information

As we know that the screen dimension of mobile handsets is smaller as compared to that of laptops and desks, it is advisable to include only the most important information so that your users need not flip from one web page to another in search for the required information.

3. Placement of the text

it is necessary to place your text appropriately so that it is legitimate for the users to read it properly. The most significant detail is usually kept on the top navigation of the mobile site.

4. The look and feel of your web page

It is the design and the appearance of the web page that attracts the users to a mobile compatible site. To increase your lead conversion rate, try and make your mobile site as simple as possible with minimum possible links. This is done to reduce the loading time of a particular web page.

5. Website loading time

People use the mobile web to acquire useful information while on-the-move or when they are not using the internet on their laptops and desks. So try and provide them with the necessary details as soon as possible. Your mobile website design should be simple, neat and without too many links, photos, graphics and text. Strike a balance between the white space available and the text to be published.

6. Navigation structure

Know your target audience well before getting a mobile website designed. Although the navigation should as smooth and easy as possible, however it is pivotal to understand their psychology and keep their requirements in mind.

A mobile website can surely boost your sales and can be used to expand your business to a more tech savvy audience. The above mentioned are listed to help you have a basic knowledge of the features of a typical mobile website design.

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