In Pursuit Of Genuine Business Sales Leads!

Newcomers to the internet, who hope to make some quick money, often end up with one or more expensive products before they have given any thought to how they will promote them.

The few, who have done their home work, will realize that to get sales they will first have to advertise. Their priority is to get qualified business sales leads that can turn into actual sales.

Whether you own a business in an office building or you have a website online there are only two critical things any business requires to survive and make money.  They are customers/leads and sales. Everything else is just a means to get one of those two things. If nothing ever happens in your business except customers and sales, you will become a very wealthy person.

Yes, things are different on the internet. Your shop or business is called A Website and the customers are called Prospects or Leads but they are still customers and your income depends on them. So unless you know a way to get some leads, any products you may have already bought will end up in some forgotten folder on your hard drive.

Unlike the real world, where you can put your product in the window to be seen by passersby, A product on the internet does not attract anyone unless you advertise. There are no passersby at your website. Many an inexperienced internet marketer has lost many hundreds of dollars advertising in places like Google Adwords, only to realize months or years later that it is unlikely their ads were ever seen by anyone.

If you are new to the internet you really do need to be careful.  When you look around, you will see temptations everywhere.  You will be drawn to products that look great, sound very exciting, but are unlikely to appeal to prospects who are familiar with the market. That is because they are specifically designed to dazzle the newbies.

But it is not all bad news. If you ask around and learn before you buy, you will discover that there are other options. For example; you can join both free and paid Safe Lists and send your emails to thousands of their members. There are also Traffic Exchanges where you can place a capture page. Then all you have to do is surf the exchanges to earn the credits which will run your ads.

It’s a tough way to get business and it is unlikely you will make a 5 digit income but at least you are learning and gaining experience before you spend your money. You will find people who want to talk to you about keywords, SEO and Adwords. For a newbie this is dangerous territory because to succeed in that bullpen requires an enormous learning curve.

Even when you tell them, few newbies will believe that it is THAT difficult to do something that seems so easy. That’s why so many newcomers spend money they cannot afford to run their ads on Google.  They get caught up in expensive adword campaigns because they hear it is where the big money is. Sadly that is only true for the few who have the knowledge and experience to know how to make it work.  Adwords is not for the feint hearted and it is definitely not for the newbie.

So we come to the heart of the matter…Leads.  You will see many opportunities to buy leads; you might even find offers of free ones. But they rarely if ever live up to their promises. Top quality leads, like genuine business sales leads, are very expensive, and what you get is not always as advertised. Less expensive and yes, even free leads can be found everywhere. Most of them will be as useful as a telephone book filled with email addresses.

No matter how you get your leads, you will be faced with a big question: What are you going to do with them?  If you send out unsolicited emails, using your regular email address, it will be very time consuming, but much worse, it can get you into serious trouble for being a spammer.  You are also likely to be spammed yourself, with thousands of unwanted emails in your inbox.

Auto-responders will not allow you send emails through their system using purchased or free leads. Even leads from people who have already bought from you will be put through the wringer.  Not many past buyers, let alone unknown leads, will survive that process.

The fact is there are many ways to go wrong when you are new to the internet. The so called gurus who make all that money you hear about are not likely to be smarter than you are, but they have one unbeatable advantage. They have had time, often years, to accumulate prospects, thousands of them.  These are prospects who have bought from them before, who trusts them and look forward to their emails.

When these guys get a product, they vet it carefully because it will carry their recommendation.  The wrong product can quickly shorten a treasured list of prospects. All these gurus have to do is send a personal email to their customers recommending the product. In fact, they do not even do that. Their auto-responder takes care of it. It’s that easy.

For you to be like them, means you have to get a customer base, a list of prospects, who know you, trust you and look forward to hearing from you. Impossible?  Not at all. But it takes a little time, it takes having access to the tools that let you do that, and it takes some help from people who are there to teach you how to create your own personal business sales leads. These are also people who will provide you with the tools necessary to do the job.

So yes! It is possible to create your own leads. In fact an endless supply of quality business sales leads. They are the best leads you will ever get because they are from prospects who have already agreed to listen to what you have to say. You will be given access to a complete auto mailing system, which will work no matter how many thousands of leads you end up generating.

To prove to you that they really can get you to where you have always hoped to be, these same people are prepared to accept a token one dollar payment for a two week, ‘access to all areas’ trial of their lead processing system, their unlimited website creator, their easy step video producer, their conference centre and their unlimited hosted websites. But the real advantage you will get from this is a fast learning track to any type of business you want and they will teach you how to turn it into money.