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In: Website Development

Themes go a long way to giving your WordPress site a professional look and feel. What makes things even sweeter is that WordPress offers a simple and intuitive method to install new themes via their installer function within the admin dashboard.

To install using the installer feature follow the steps below.

  1. Open up your WordPress site to the admin dashboard
  2. Find the ‘Appearance’ menu and click “Add New Themes”
  3. In the search box type a term and click ‘Search’ or select the various checkboxes of the features you would like below the search bar and click ‘Find Themes’
  4. In the results window select the theme you like and click ‘Install’
  5. A window will appear, click ‘Install Now’ to install
  6. After installing you will be provided with three links ‘Preview’ (allows you to check your site before implementing the theme), ‘Activate’ (implements the theme), and ‘Return to Theme Installer’ (leaves the theme installed, but is not “activated” or implemented)
  7. Select ‘Activate’ to implement
  8. Once the theme is activated, you will be brought back to the “Manage Themes” page where you can see a thumbnail of your new look website
  9. Go to your site and check out your newly designed site

Please remember, there are numerous themes available and not all are created the same. There are themes that require a bit of modifying to get up and running properly after the installation, but because there are so many available, if there is one you like that is difficult you most likely can find another that takes no tweaking at all. Or, you can just into the theme’s built-in community and most times the creator makes him/her available to help. Don’t be afraid to test out new themes to see which suits your needs most.

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