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Follow this simple guide to integrate your 360-degree images or interactive product photography into your Facebook fans pages. Once integrated, your Facebook visitors will be able to see extra tabs with the interactive 360 product views, panoramic presentations or even 3D CAD renderings. These tabs can be clicked on and expanded to show your 360 views embedded inside your Facebook fans pages. It’s important to understand that the Facebook tabs only allow embedding content that you host on your own or third-party servers.

Step 1 – Visit Facebook Developer page

Login in Facebook using your Facebook account, and visit this page:

Step 2 – Create new Facebook App

Select Create New App in the top-left corner and give your new app a unique name. You can leave the namespace field empty. Also for the purpose of this guide, we will use your own web hosting so you can skip on the Heroku hosting offer at this time. Select continue, enter the Security Check Requirements and then Submit your new application. Once loaded you will see the Settings page for your new application.

Step 3 – Configure Basic Information

Since this application will only be used on your own Facebook page, you can skip most of the information on the Basic Info tab and proceed directly to the Page Tab section as is. Expand the Page Tab section located on the bottom of the Settings page. Give your tab a name and select an image that will show on your Facebook fans page once this tab is finalized. The image can be a nice 360 arrow graphic with your product or showcase. Set Page Tab Width to wide (810 px) to give your interactive content more space inside the Facebook page.

Step 4 – Create You 360 Content

Create your 360 view using your software of choice and copy a web page with the viewer and any related files via FTP to your server. To learn about the technology that can help with the creation of 360 views and quick online publishing, please refer to the resource section of this article.

Note the location of the html page with your 360 view and ftp’ed to your server and enter the URL of this html file on your server under Page Tab URL and Secure Page Tab URL under Page Tab section on the Settings screen (use https:// instead of http:// at the front of the secured URL).

If you don’t have an SSL certificate configured on the server where you are hosting this 360 view, the integration will still work for those visitors who don’t have secured browsing enabled in Facebook, which is most of the Facebook users at this time. But you should consider configuring an SSL certificate to ensure this Facebook integration will work for everybody going forward. Verify that the URLs point to your 360 view and select Save Changes.

Step 5 – Add New Page Tab

Now that you have finished with the configuration of your Facebook Page Tab, you can use this URL below to add the new tab to your Facebook fans page. But first you will need to replace YOUR_APP_ID with the APP_ID that Facebook assigned to your application (you could see it created by Facebook at Step 3 of this guide).

Copy this URL and paste it into your browser and click enter. Then select your Facebook fans page where you want to integrate the new tab. Once loaded, your new tab with the 360 view will show on your Facebook fans page next to your cover image.

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