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Internet Marketing – Five Terrible Website Design Flaws Tha…

A website plays an inevitable role in the promotion of your online business. The success
of a website veryly depends on its design, as it allows connecting easily to your target
audience. But, it is now often seen that many websites are not generating expected
profits because of certain flaws in website designs.

Here are five major website design flaws that will immediately turn your visitors away!

· Inability of HOME page to convey information clearly and quickly: The HOME page
has a constant position in the overall success of a website. A HOME page must
needlessly be able to tell customers what the site is as well as its prime offerings.

· Lack of proper organization with regard to navigation. A website is of no use if
it is not able to provide what surfers are actually searching for. Here, a well-defined
structure as well as navigation is not only necessary for visitors to easily find content
but also to create a positive impression on the websites.

· Inconsistency in the style of the website: It is important that each of the pages in a
website must be designed or handled in a uniform way. For example, if caption is used in
photos of a particular web page, then use them on every photo of the website. Likewise,
If links are colored blue in one web page, then adopt the same procedure in other web
pages as well.

· Excessive usage of Macromedia Flash and other features that lead to slow loading of
pages- It is important to note that websites with over usage of flash mostly do not have
good rankings with such top search engines as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, since these search
engines can not properly read contents designed within flash. Further, extensive usage of
colors, graphics, and complicated HTML code may also affect your ranking with top search
engines. Here, for best results, it is recommended to keep pictures and effects to a

· Mistakes in spelling and grammar: Correct usage of spelling and grammar is highly
important to get a good first impression from your website visitors.

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