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Internet Marketing on a Shoestring

Are you feeling a little frustrated trying to get good Internet coverage for your new business website? Confused about how to show up on Google and other search engines at all, let alone, rank competitively?

Market yourself and get quick Search Engine visibility using these simple methods and resources:

1. Be sure to submit your site to as many search engines as possible. Not sure which engines to focus on? The engines with the most web traffic are Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ask and AOL.

2. Be sure to use plenty of relevant key phrases in the content on your website and other online sites. Examples: Oregon coast website design, Manzanita Internet marketing, Nehalem web site design, Oregon coast search engine optimization. Develop a set of the 10 most important phrases and use them as much as possible (without making your content too spammy.)

3. Be sure to include links to your website and other materials in every, single posting, and online listing or comment that you create as well as in the signature at the end of all your email messages.

4. Utilize free, social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and create a blog or two on WordPress with plenty of content, keywords and links to your main site. Offer valuable tips and info to visitors … not just a sales pitch, so they will read your posts and share them. All of these free sites get listed very fast on search engines … sometimes overnight.

5. Post ads on sites like Craig's List, Kijiji and be sure to list yourself on open directory sites like the DMOZ. All offer free listings and rank high with search engines.

6. If you have the budget for a few paid listings, do a quick Google search for your major key phrases, first. See what sites consistently rank well. If your competitor's paid ads turn up in those rankings, consider buying ad space with the same site.

7. Keep posting new updates to your blogs, MySpace, website and other sites. The search engines love fresh content! Sometimes even chronicle your marketing efforts and share your new found wisdom and success with others. Oh, and be sure to include plenty of links and key phrases.