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Learn how Internet marketing tools can make you more profits in less time!

If you're running an online business, it just does not make sense to blame your Internet marketing tools if you're not making the profits you want – just find some new ones!

There are so many useful and innovative pieces of software out there – free Internet marketing tools, advanced Internet marketing tools, personalized Internet marketing tools – that the problem is sorting through the thousands of options to find the ones that are just right for you.

The first step is to define your problem. What kind of Internet marketing tools do you need? This depends on the kind of business you're in, but basically you want to find something that makes your job easier. Since your computer can do a lot of work for you by automating your most common and repetitive tasks, put it to work!

oEmail: One of the most powerful Internet marketing tools you can have in your arsenal is an email management program or service.

If you send a lot of email, or receive emails asking the same things over and over, this kind of tool can save you hours every day.

An email management tool that allows bulk emailing with personalization, autoresponders for common questions, order confirmation, and other time-saving features is like having your own front office: absolutely necessary if you want to spend time growing your business!

oWebsite creation: If you've got a website up and running, you probably did not write the HTML code from scratch – you either got someone to do it for you, or you made it with a program like Dreamweaver, InDesign, or Front Page.

If you already have one of these tools, you'd be wise to spend a few minutes watching one of their online tutorials. Dreamweaver, for instance, has TONS of more advanced features like dynamic website updating, and other ways to make changes to your site (or add new pages) in a snap.

If you do not already have the software, you might look at Nvu, a free tool that has many of the feature of its more expensive rivals.

oSite optimization tools: Whether you're already making a ton of money online or just getting started, EVERYONE needs a second opinion.

The good news is that there are a lot of Internet marketing tools that look at your pages and give you feedback. There are software programs that look for broken links, find your site's "hotspots" (places that get the most traffic and hits), and even help make your HTML code more attractive to the search engines. For the most advanced and personalized Internet marketing tools, a simple search in Google or one of the other search engines will bring up more results than you could possibly sort through – for best results, you need to know what you're looking for first.

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