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There has been a lot of talk all around the internet lately about whether Facebook will begin charging its customers or not. The most current, few and far between reports are leaning towards no.

Facebook is a valuable tool for millions of people. After re-posting their new terms of service in march Facebook found an overwhelming response to the changes. In an effort to calm the crowds Facebook quickly kicked the new terms and posted the old terms of service back up as what their calling a "placeholder." Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook says "Wow, terms of service on the Web are quite common." The fact that people were reading ours so carefully and bothering to protest made us realize how important this issue is and [made us] want to get involved with users-not just on the substance of this, which we were always in a good place on but on the process. "After the process of re-posting the old terms of service Facebook then went ahead and published Facebook Principles and Facebook rights and responsibilities. literature and if there are enough comments they will allow a vote by the users.

Others that are saying "no way" Facebook will charge are also warning about the groups that have been started to fight the cause. The issue is, there are now claims that the groups have only been set up in order to spread malware or hijack your computer. Many people from around the internet have commented on this problem.

Snopes Warns: "The protest page was a trap for the unwary; clicking on certain elements of it initiated a script that hijacked users' computers. malware simultaneously attempted to install itself onto their computers. "

Rumors have been floating around about what the cost would be in order to keep your Facebook account. The lowest I've heard is $ 3.99 month. I have also seen $ 5.99 a month and as much as $ 14.99 a month. Any of those charges are steep without Facebook really steps up with what they have to offer. I do not feel many people would be willing to pay $ 15 a month to type what they're doing at the moment into a box. It's free now and convenient and works. Charges like this may bring a blow to Facebook if they were true.

It seems that most people do not really know the outcome of the June-July possibility that Facebook will begin charging. What we do know is that going to any groups relating to "anti-charging" are a quick way to have your computer taken over and / or loaded with malware. We also know that Facebook is well aware of what it may do to their company if they were to begin charging.

So in conclusion, I would say at the moment we do not need to be concerned with Facebook all of a sudden changing the rules. They do not want us to go as much as we do not want them to charge. We enjoy the use of Facebook and the ability it gives us to interact with people from all around the world. We thank Facebook and ask them to please stay away from any type of charge.

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