Is Facebook Your Relationship's Achilles Heel?

Do you remember the period before Facebook, let's call it B.FB. The period after Facebook, we'll call A.FB. Now, the period of B.FB life was good and the amount of time on the computer was maybe one to three hours, depending on what you were doing, either shopping, videos, or emails. People were getting their news and sports scores online. The online dating sites were increasing in memberships and the porn sites still maintained their top search rankings as usual. If you were dating and your mate wanted to cheat on you online, they would probably set up a profile on a couple of dating sites or just flirt around in chat rooms waiting for a bite. It was deliberate and premeditated cheating.

Now fast forward to A.FB. Time on the computer is now two to five hours a day. The lines of cheating are not so black and white. If you have a good trusting relationship with somebody, now you question yourself. Do you check on their Facebook page to read friend postings and click through pictures to see if your picture is still on their wall? You have all sorts of questions. For instance, who's that girl? Why is she always commenting on your post? Why do not you post our picture? How the hell do you have 400 friends?

Are you friends with any ex girlfriends? Why is that guy always sending you recipes? Why do you spend so much time on Café World? Why do you stop typing when I come in the room? Since Facebook, you now need a lawyer to convince your better half that you are not fooling around. There are too many questions to answer. The fear of an old flame from high school or college reconnecting is troubling at the very least.

What are the rules regarding Facebook in a relationship? Does anyone know? Yes, Facebook has made it easier to contact family members and friends, but to what expense? In the A.FB era, do you perform daily profile check-ups on your significant others wall just to verify trust? Answer this; have you ever sent a friend request to a cute girl or guy off of your friend's page? If you have, then chances are your girlfriend / boyfriend has done the same. If that's the case, then I think Facebook has weakened your relationship.

Any argument caused by Facebook is a sign that possibly your relationship is not as strong as you might think. Unfortunately in this Facebook era we all have to guard ourselves and our computers. How are you going to find out? There is computer monitoring software tools to help you verify trust in your relationship. The question is do you want to know?