Is She a Virgin? Find Out With This Killer Tip

Several guys find it quite hard to tell whether a girl is still a virgin or not. What's even worse is that girls have gotten pretty good at breaking it, so they have to ability to dupe guys into believing that they have never been touched. Because of this, you need to find out the tricks in telling for certain whether a girl is actually a virgin or not.

How to Find Out if Your Girl is a Virgin

In a scientific manner, doctors can check to find out whether a girl is a virgin or not. They do this by checking the girl's hymen skin. If it still happens to be completely intact, that would be a sign that she is a virgin. But you also need to understand that the female hymen can actually be torn in various other ways, such as inserting blunt objects (penises aside) or even just by biking.

So, how can you tell whether your girl is a virgin or not without going through medical checkups for it? The truth is: this is not possible. The greatest misconception that guys believe, however, is that if girls do not bleed during sexual interference, then she was not a virgin. This is complete nonsense.

If someone out there tells you that they have the power to tell whether girls are still virgins or not just by watching a girl walk or by measuring her thighs, do not believe them. You should be old enough to know better than this – seriously!

Now that you know the truth, you have to equip yourself with some special "superpowers" that can make any girl reach orgasms in no time. One method even happens to have the reputation to make girls orgasm without you even touching them!

This particular tactic would involve making use of anchors through the stage of arousal, so that a girl associates certain sexual emotions with those anchors. If you have the power to install a sufficient amount of these anchors inside a girl, the next time you wish to arouse her, you simply have to trigger these anchors. This may sound complex, but it is actually quite basic, provided you know how to do it.