Is Social Media For Your Company?

Is Social Media For Your Company?

Main Points:

• Social Media is everywhere, do you need it?

• It is all about Information, Engagement and Relationships.

• There are alternative ways to engage potential customers.

2012 was the year of the explosion of Social Media. The numbers are staggering – about 700,000 pieces of content are shared on Facebook every minute; one new user joins LinkedIn every second. But should you jump onto the Facebook, Twitter bandwagon?

Many companies do not have a Social Media Strategy before investing valuable financial and manpower resources to haphazardly venture into the community. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Co. can be a powerful tool, only if planned and executed with purpose, and with tenacity.

Not many organizations actually know what social media can, and cannot do for them.

It is about Information

These channels are excellent means of handing information to your audience. Important information must have elements of being significant, scarce, and cared about. The information must offer your audience some form of benefit from listening to you, whether in the form of an announcement, new product or special offers that relate to them. What information does your company have to offer?

It is about Engagement

Engagement means getting your audience to respond to your messages. They must be able to act on the messages you are putting out in the form of commenting, sharing, or heading to your store. The most successful campaigns are those that get people talking to you, and to each other about you. What exactly do you want your audience to be talking about?

It is about Relationships.

Many organizations ignore complaints on Twitter and Facebook, stepping in only when they realize that the virtual tide is affecting the business in real life. The first thing companies have to realize is that social media is public property. The moment you open a public forum in your premises, what they say can only be moderated, but not controlled. Is your organization actively cultivating good relationships with your virtual audience?

There are Alternatives

Not every organization needs social media. Direct B2B and B2C communication through email, websites and voice calls are proven, effective channels that suit some companies more than others. Jumping on the social media bandwagon without direction may prove wasteful at best and disastrous for some.

Social Media is a valuable tool, only if planned and executed strategically, and hard work is put into managing your reputation. Are you willing to take up the challenge?

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